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Leave Rules for Railway Apprentices / Trainees

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Apprentices for the leave rules includes:

  • Apprentice Mechanics under training in workshops.
  • Other apprentices who are not governed by apprentices Act1961, attached to the workshops and printing Presses.
  • Apprentices under training for non-gaztted posts in all other departments who are posted to supervisory posts after training such as Apprentice Train Examiners, Apprentice Permanent Way Inspectors, Stores Apprentices, etc.

Casual leave

  • 10  days in a calendar year.


  • Apprentices may be granted leave on full stipend for a period not exceeding 16 days and on half stipend on medical certificate for a period not exceeding 20 days in any year of apprenticeship.
  • These leave will be non-accumulative and no leave shall be granted if it would interfere with the training.

Extraordinary leave(ExL)

  • Apprentices may be granted extraordinary leave (without stipend) by the General Manager under the rules applicable to temporary railway Servants

Hospital leave

  • Apprentices injured on duty are entitled to hospital leave.

Maternity Leave

  • A female Railway employee (including an apprentice, temporary employee, casual labour with temporary status, irrespective of their length of service) with less than two surviving children may be granted maternity leave by an authority competent to grant leave for a period of 135 days from the date of its commencement. This leave shall not be debited against leave account.(Rule 1417 of IRMM).

Paternity Leave

  • A male railway servant (including an apprentice) with less than two surviving children may be granted Paternity Leave for a period of 15 days during the confinement of his wife.(Rule 1418 of IRMM)

Recalculation of leave on absorption in service

  • On subsequent absorption, without a break, if the period of apprenticeship or training as probationer, is treated as service, recalculation of leave may be allowed as is permissible under the normal operation of the rules.


  • Rule 1908 Chapter 19 of of Indian Railway Establishment Manual Vol
  • Rules 533-537 of Chapter 5 of Indian Railway Establishment Code Vol I
  • Rules 1417-1418 of Indian Railway Medical Manual


Sir, I had joined directly to

I had joined directly to Esm II through RRB On 2013 now i'm in training,
What are the leave eligible for me. Here insisted is only 16 days stipend leave eligible for entire training period.

sir  i am trainee ESM II. Is


 i am trainee ESM II. Is both CL (10 days) and LAP 16days  available in my training period



sir good morning,     in

sir good morning,

    in training period bonus is available or not (i.e,. given on october)




thank you sir

thank you sir

hello. i am in ALP


i am in ALP TRAINING .. coming April 1ST we are going for ZONAL RAILWAY TRAINING INSTITUTION(ZRTI )..
i going to report April 14 th with private medical doctor seek leave certificates for 14 days . what happen sir..

I am currently in training. I

I am currently in training. I wanted to know that if I don't use my LAP so can I carry it forward when I get permanent?

Respected Sir, I am

Respected Sir,

I am Apprentice SSE in Engineering Workshop in Southern railway. Can you please inform me how many CL, LFS and other leave i can in my first year.

Just read the article above

Just read the article above for your question.

Currently i am working in

Currently i am working in workshop. they give only 8 cl per year not only for trainee to all employees

can i take that type leave=

can i take that type leave= REST+ LAP+LAP + LAP + LAP+ LAP+ LAP+REST+NH

you have to availed REST+APL

you have to availed REST+APL OR APL+REST Onlymail


These are no explicit rule

These are no explicit rule either permitting or prohibiting this combination.

Rule 508 of Establishment Code:

"Combination of holidays with leave.�(1) When the date immediately preceding the day on which a railway servant�s leave begins or immediately following the day on which his leave expires is a holiday or one of a series of holidays, the railway servant may leave his station at the close of the day before, or return to it on the day following such holidays "

So all depends on the interpretation.

Submitted by guest (not

Submitted by guest (not verified) on Thu, 16/08/2012 - 14:55. in the reversed rank list of CMS 2011 PUBLISHED IN APRIL 2012,and am very glad to knw that am posted in railways.will you please tell when will i get my call letter?as am doing my PG in ENT will complete only in june 2013...can i do my one year bond in railway service?i have got a small kid of 2 years and my mother is sick,any chance to get posting in kerala?ANY advantage of completing PG IN ENT?am very much tensed because it was my ambition to join railways,my PG WONT BE A HINDRANCE FOR THAT...PLEASE DO REPLY

For trainees LAP 16 and LHAP

For trainees LAP 16 and LHAP 20 are written in rules but you are saying that trainees only get 10 days CL only Why?

Are there any more type of leaves which can take by trainees?


LEAVE FOR TRAINEES: Trainees are eligible for 10 days CL + 16 days LAP + 20 days LHAP in a year. Female trainees are eligible for maternity leave for 135 days, if she has less than 2 surviving child. In the case of male trainee,he is eligible for paternity leave for 15 days,provided, he has less than 2 surviving child.

Better to go to Railways

Better to go to Railways website, find the manuals and refer.

Dear Sir, My dad is a railway

Dear Sir,

My dad is a railway employee and he is getting retired in 2013. Unfortunately he got a transfer and because of his medical condition(High Blood Pressure, Diabetes and Arthritis) its not possible for him to continue with the job, so he wants to apply for VRS and use his medical leaves during this 3 months of notice period. Its very unfortunate that his reporting officer is not accepting his request for medical leave.. please advise a way out for this situation.


excuse me frnd ....plz help

excuse me frnd ....plz help me.....i was finished in diploma automobile engg in 2012 i'm try to join to indian railway..plz help to for join apperentice or job to railway field..tell about that details
,what can i do for apply and joining...

An employee can be permitted

An employee can be permitted to avail leave at credit running concurrently with notice period. But the problem i that it has to be sanctioned by the officertain concerned.

Sir i have started my

Sir i have started my training from 1st Aug 12.
How many CL, LAP & LHAP can i take upto 31 st Dec 12

CL 10 days. LAP and LHAP are

CL 10 days. LAP and LHAP are not eligible for training period.

But in apprentices leave

But in apprentices leave rules it is said that LAP 16 days & LHAP 20 days shall be granted?

Sir, If a Central govt.

Sir, If a Central govt. employee come in railway through proper Chanel with NOC than previous LAP & LHAP leave is count in railway or not in case of group C category. If  yes/no pl give any relevant letter no. or manual no.

Hi,   Will Apprentice



Will Apprentice Mechanics under training who are in the new training module be considered Unpaid  Holidays as UPH (like artisan staff) or as Holiday as they get the same pay of that of the Supervisor with GP of either 4200 or 4600.


If treating them as artisan staff during the training period is there any post in IR which provides a GP of 4200 & 4600 during the training period?? 

Mer getting of GP 4200 or

Mer getting of GP 4200 or 4600 doesnt mean anything regarding their apprentice period. You will not be eligible for Holiday Allowance.

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