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Leave Rules

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General conditions

  1. Leave cannot be claimed by the employee as a matter of right. The right to grant or refuse leave vests in the authority competent to sanction leave.
  2. The leave usually commences on the day charge is handed over and ends on the day the charge is taken over again.
  3. Leave sanctioning authority cannot alter the kind of leave due and applied for except at the written request of the employee.
  4. Leave already availed maybe converted into another kind of leave on employee's request retrospectively but not after retirement.
  5. Leave cannot be sanctioned for more than 5 years.
  6. Combination of holidays preceding or in continuation of leave is permitted. In case of medical certificate of sickness, the holidays will be part of sickness leave.
  7. The employee is not permitted to take up any employment during the period of leave.
  8. Employee should take permission to leave headquarters specially for private visits abroad. When permission to visit abroad is sought, information relating to the proposed and previous private visits should be furnished in the prescribed proforma.

Planning for Leave

  • Employees should be encouraged to take leave periodically or annually as per instructions by Department of Personnel and Training.
  • Detailed plan should be made out for sanction of leave to staff by turn keeping in view priorities of staff and work.
  • Normally leave should not be refused in particular during last 10 years of service.
  • Going on leave is beneficial to both Railway employee and organization as employee return refreshed from leave. 


1.     Chapter 5 of  Indian Railway Establishment Code.


Post all your comments

Post all your comments regarding Leave Rules in

sir,       can  a SAG grade


      can  a SAG grade officer change rule of LAP viz. leave can only be availed from the date  mentioned in the application and cannot be availed later

Only Railway Board can change

Only Railway Board can change the LAP rules. As for availaing leave from a later date, the officer who sanctioned the leave can permit that.

I am a sports person working

I am a sports person working in Railways, i request you to kindly provide any circular regarding half day spairing of sports person for practice.


With Regards


I've joined as SSE in MAS

I've joined as SSE in MAS division after 8 years service as SM by RRB selection. But i've taken extra 4 days to join as SSE after technical resignation to old post. So these period is taken in which account, can i get joining time or not?

You are supposed to join the

You are supposed to join the next working day after the normal transit time. You are not eligible for Joining Time as this is not an administrative transfer. Now this 4 days will be considered as Break in Service.

    Respected  Sir , My



Respected  Sir ,

My Relative is working as a AGC  in Commercial Dept at Ahmadabad Division of Western Railways since 28th Aug 2010.She has Lost her Parents and only Brother in 2007, and since then she is alone. She got the Job in Aug 2010, But her only relatives resides in Noida  as her Aunt.


She has applied for Transfer to Delhi Division in Feb 2011, from her Current Division to Northern Railways Delhi Division, I have Enquired from her Divisional HO, and came to know, that they have already Forwarded her Application to Northern Railway Headquarters on 1 March 2011, but they have kept her case as waiting 4,But since then 1.5 Year has been gone and she is still waiting for any update on this regard. 

She is aged 28 years, suffered from Low Platelets count few days back, and was admitted to the hospital, in a serious condition. But due to her loneliness in absence of relatives nearby,she have to single handedly take care of herself, and as a result of that, she is getting so weak day by day. 

I request you to please guide me on this matter, as she is looking for a Mutual Transfer from WR to NR.Please let me know, from where i may get some help.





1.Register in Mutual Transfer

1.Register in Mutual Transfer section of this site.

2. Search for Mutual in the same section - Divisionwise.

3. Make personal enquiries in Delhi division.

Can I combine CL and LAP

Can I combine CL and LAP together for leave.

No it is not permitted.

No it is not permitted.

Sir,      Is there any time


     Is there any time slots (like January-June & July-December) for taking yearly permitted leaves? If so then please inform me how many days I can avail for 2012. My date of joining is 22/06/2012.

Employee can take his leave

Employee can take his leave on hand any time he like.

Dear Sir,   I was selected as

Dear Sir,


I was selected as SE in Southern Railway and currently undergoing training. But I strongly wish to pursue M.Tech after 2 years. Can I take leave for this purpose after training and working for one year. ? I know study leave is not possible, but can we take leave without pay for 2 or 3 years after one year of service? Will it affect my career in railway?


Expecting Ur reply.. Thank you sir..

sir, sir my mother name in


sir my mother name in 10th & 12 certificate is without sir name as alka and in graduation 1&2 year it is alka devi and in final year and degree certificate it is alka singh . it can cause any problem.   reply me thanks

It wont be a problem.

It wont be a problem.

sir i would like to know

sir i would like to know about the benefits of doing diploma from institute of permanent way engineering conducted by railways only,i am currently working in grade pay 1800 and would like to know about the chances of my promotion and can i go to officer rank with the help of this course.thank you

Just having this Diploma wont

Just having this Diploma wont take take you to officer post my friend. This can be an additional qualification if you clear the Group B officer exam and go to the interview. But for you to write to Officer exam first you have to be in GP 4200. Aim for that first.

If you are already in Engg dept this course give you a better  working knowledge and clearly this can help you in your career.

yes sir i am in engg

yes sir i am in engg dept.sir this institute claims of giving higher priority in case you are a it true? shall i proceed with this course?

Yes when you go for test for

Yes when you go for test for promotion you can be given preference if you have this diploma.

sir i want to know

sir i want to know if i absent without giving any prior information for 1 or 2 days will it cause break of service or deduction of payment.

what is break of service

what is break of service regarding absent or without pay??/

If absent is not regularized

If absent is not regularized it will be a break in service. You wont be paid for the days absent.

sir, If I take VRS after 20


If I take VRS after 20 years and if i have 200 days lap will i get 200 days leave salary or 100 days leave salary

You will get 200 days LAP of

You will get 200 days LAP of course.

R/Sir,          I am working


         I am working as station master. I have planned my leave as follow ;- Rest [ 7 days LAP] Rest . As I am working in continuous roaster both the rests are my proper rest as per my roaster. Is such type of leave admissible or not?

Yes it is permitted. The only

Yes it is permitted. The only constraint is you can't have Rest in between two LAP.

Dear Sir, What are the rules

Dear Sir,

What are the rules pertaining weekly offs?? Please reply

If a person joins  from CCL on friday... Is she is eligible for a weekly off on that sunday...

respected sir, i joined

respected sir,
i joined IRMS on12.07.2004.i took extraordinary leave for higher studies for 5 years to complete my 5 years neurosurgery course without any salary.kindly clarify whether 5 years leave will be taken in to account for my promotions,pension,increments.
thanking you
PH.NO 09444046283

Doctor Saab,  Since you took

Doctor Saab, 

Since you took ExL without pay , it wont be taken for any of the benefits. You should have taken Study Leave. In case of study leave all this benefits are counted. See here:

respected sir,      i am

respected sir,

     i am dr.rajkumar,ADMO attaching office memorandum regarding EOL for study purpose.kindly clarify whether i will derive any benefits based on the letter.No. 16/2/2009-Estt.(Pay I)

Government of India
Ministry of Personnel Public Grievances & Pensions
Department of Personnel & Training
New Delhi, the 2nd July 2010
Subject: Regulation of the Date of Next Increment in case of Extra-Ordinary
leave (without medical certificate) after implementation of the
CCS(RP) Rules, 2008 – clarification regarding.
Consequent upon the implementation of CCS(RP) Rules 2008, the
increments in the revised pay structure are to be regulated in terms of Rule 10
of the CCS (RP) Rules 2008.This rule states that ‘there will be a uniform date of
annual increment viz. 1st of July every year. Employees completing 6 months
and above in the revised pay structure as on 1st July will be eligible to be
granted the increment.”
2. The issue of regulation of date of next increment in case of EOL (without
medical certificate) after implementation of CCS(RP) Rules 2008, has been
examined in consultation with the Department of Expenditure.
3. It is clarified that except as provided under the conditions laid down in
this Department’s OM dated 18.2.1986, qualifying service of less than six
months on account of EOL (without medical certificate) between 1st July of the
previous year till 30th June of the year under consideration shall have the
effect of postponing the increment to 1st July of the next year. The same
stipulation will also be applicable to those cases where the increment became
due on 1.7.2006. In terms of this Department’s O.M. No. 13017/20/85-Estt. (L)
dated 18.2.1986, EOL granted for the following purposes automatically counts
as qualifying service for pension and for increments without any further
(i) EOL granted due to inability of a Government servant to join or rejoin
duty on account of civil commotion.
(ii) EOL granted to a Government servant for prosecuting higher technical

Highly unlikely unless

Highly unlikely unless Railway Board issues a separate order.

respected sir,   i am

respected sir,

  i am dr.rajkumar,admo.i took extraordinary leave because study leave is eligible only after 5 years of service and moreover study leave is granted for maximum period of 36 months,but higher speciality like neurosurgery is of 60 months course.sir,what should i do now.

Will they be any leaves for

Will they be any leaves for appre JE during the training peroid..



You are eligible for National

You are eligible for National Holidays and 10 Casual leave. LAP and LHAP will be given with restrospective effect after training period.

Dear Sir, we both

Dear Sir,
we both husband and wife are working as helper-II in ECoR, [i] are ther any provision for a computer advance for us? [ii] are we eligible for a Type-II quarter, if the type-II quarters are lying vacant since long?

Conditions regarding Computer

Conditions regarding Computer advance see here:

"Eligibility – Railway Employees with Pay in Pay Band Rs. 19530/- or more are eligible."

For Quarters eligibility see here : If one you have GP more than 1800(that is at least 1900) you can get Type II quarters.

Thank u sir...This site is

Thank u sir...This site is excellent for the people...

respected sir, i am

respected sir,

i am international badminton  player working as tech II, so what is the basic and advance rule of special casual leave for player under railways rule .. how much special casual leave  can be granter by division, head quater office and railway board. and if i play two game can i have the liability for 1+1 spl casual leave.

thanks with re guards

Hello sir I am going to join

Hello sir
I am going to join railways as SE,but i am currently preparing for civil services.Is there any rule by which i can take a leave(may be without pay) or extension from joining for 6 months or 1 year?
Thank you very much sir.

First of all wait ti see when

First of all wait ti see when they will call you for training. From what I see and from experiences of those who posted on this site it is taking many many month between each stages of recruitment process. If they actually start training before next 6 months, join it and ask for leave. Of course it will be without leave and your training will be extended to that extent with loss of seniority.

Sir,I was under private

Sir,I was under private doctor sick for 2 days and applied for CSL .But authority treated these period as LWP and 2 days pay deducted.I want to know ,is this legal or not?


Only in exceptional cases a

Only in exceptional cases a Railway employee is supposed to approach a Private Doctor sick. See the conditions here :

Sir my father is a retired

Sir my father is a retired employee of ICF chennai(villivakkam), he ususlly goes to the railway hospital at villivakkam, now admitted for his illness in Ayanavaram railway hospital, is there any charges to be beared or how it works.

He can get free treatment on

He can get free treatment on production of his medical card or Pension document.

Dear Sir, I want to know

Dear Sir,

I want to know about the type of leaves admissible to Section Engineer (P Way).

Plz reply me in detail.

Also let me know that whether SE (P Way) are eligible for all gazetted holidays of Indian Railways.

If not, then what are the holidays which they can avail?

I wish to know about rest

I wish to know about rest that an rly.emplyee take rest after and avail 13 days LAP&demand   ,REST{ on 14th day} This rest on 14th day after availing of 13days LAP will get or not.Because he\she is a continus staff.

i want to know what is the

i want to know what is the gross salary of JE.


See this article :

See this article :

See for GP 4200

You will get 58 % of total pay as DA



5 years maximum.

5 years maximum.

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