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Hospital Leave

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  • Sanctioned to Group C and D Railway employees due to risks incurred in the course of official duties.
  • Based on Medical Certificate of Railway Doctor.
  • Sanctioned for such periods as necessary.
  • For first 120 days Leave salry will be as that on LAP and for remaining period as that on LHAP.
  • Maybe combined with any other type of leave due and admissible provided that the total period does not exceed 28 month.


Sir,i want to apply for the

Sir,i want to apply for the post of ALP.I have weak distance vision(-2.0 Power).If I go for lasik laser surgery for 6/6 vision then can I apply for APL post.

Whether hospital leave is

Whether hospital leave is eligible for the ministerial staff working in Railway who met accident while going to duty / or going home after duty hrs? If eligible under which rule is applicable ? How the time period will be calculated before and after duty hrs?

One group D staff working

One group D staff working under me has been injured on duty. He has been sent to Railway Medical Officer.  What is the rule of getting IOD? Please elaborate the process. Thank you.

First supervisor concerned

First supervisor concerned informs Railway Doctor regarding the IOD in a form. Then the rest dependss on Railway Doctor. HE can say, the employee is fit today or he has to take treatment for 3 months etc, etc....

yesterday(22.08.2012)  read

yesterday(22.08.2012)  read in newspaper that parliament is yet to enact necessary amendments to prescribe the quota of reservation for promotion in government services as the validity of rule for promotion has expired (also read in another  newspaper it has expired due to Supreme Court order). So AS ON DATE, is promotion for SC/ST quota stopped in Railways?

This is a once in 5 year

This is a once in 5 year drama. Reservations will continue. Few times Supreme Court has made some steps to check in the system of Reservation. But each time Govt made it sure that it finds an alternate law to go around and continue they system.

Sir my father works as a

Sir my father works as a points man in hyderabad division,3 days before he met with an grevious accident on duty and lost his right hands little finger and left ear. Ive got the IOD forms filled all the particulars got the signature and attestation from SMR and divisional health unit doctor. To whom all should i submit these forms.

And also the year of joining of my father is 1981 as a points man,he is still a points man. Though he is top on the seniority list the concerned officials are drafting him down the list. He has been trying to become a goods guard since 5-6 years already. Please advice how can he address this issue.



You have to submit the forms

You have to submit the forms to Divisional Personnel Officer. It is better to meet Welfare Inspector of the section before doing so. HE can help you. 

Once his health condition become normal, there will be a re medical examination and there may be a change of category according to medical report.

Of course. She is eligible

Of course. She is eligible for the whole period of treatment. You have to approach DMO(DIvisional Medical Officer concerned and explain the circumstances.

R/sir, In My wife's matter

R/sir, In My wife's matter Asstt.Personal Officer demanded rule sanction hospital leave on the basis of sick / fit certificate given by Govt.Hospital Doctor instead of  sick / fit certificate of Railway Doctor.He is saying her that your supervisor memo address to Railway Doctor & to report  Rly hospital at that time when she injured is must to grant injured on duty(Hospital leave)otherwise not. Kindly provied me rule related  that hospital leave ( injured on duty ) can be sanction on the basis of sick / fit certificate of Govt. hospital Doctor. pl help me I will be thankful.


My wife is Train Ticket

My wife is Train Ticket  Examiner (TTE) .During her duty in train assault done by unauthrised vender she injured and take treatment from Govt. Distt. Hospital upto 80 days .Railway hospital is far 07km from my residence. She was unable to sick/ fit in railway hospital and joined her duty after fitness given by Govt.Distt.Hospital doctor.Pl advice me that she is entitle hospital leave for this period on the basis of fit certificate of Govt.Distt.Hospital leave will deduct from her leave account or not.

When somebody get injured on

When somebody get injured on duty, your supervisor has to send a report in IOD form supplied expalining the circumstances. If you havent reported to the matter to Railway Doctor at all, it is not possible to get it now after 80 days. When you come up with the matter after 80 days Railway doctor will be suspicious. What basis he will give the certificate?

See this article for general guidance :

You should have reported to Railway Doctor at least within 3 days. 

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