A Railway staff can be transferred under different circumstances - promotion, periodic transfer, punishment, request transfer etc. The rules regarding seniority and grade and pay differs in each of these circumstances.

Mutual trandfer

Submitted by jitendra singroli on Mon, 30/07/2018 - 15:34


I requesting to all of you , if any one have link for the mutual transfer , from mumbai to (bhusawal, bhopal, itarsi, kota, beena ujjain, ratlam.)

Plz intimate me as soon as possible

My contect no. Is 9691200799


Submitted by sanjeet kkkk on Thu, 26/07/2018 - 19:09

7017838796 9525358105 moz aana chahta hai koi...... Mujhe Lko division.... Ya Bihar me kahi v jaana h

Post -  ASM

Grade pay - 4200/-

Backtracking of MUTUAL TRANSFER

Submitted by PKPAPPU on Mon, 23/07/2018 - 15:07

I have been working as LP at BJE/ADRA/SER and applied for mutual transfer with kundan kunal LP/BJU/SEE/ECR. My mutual application is granted and forwarded to SEE/ECR. After receiving my approval letter by SEE/ECR my mutual party have submitted his unwillingness for mutual transfer. Now, please clarify that wether my mutual party unwillingness has to be considered or not ?

म्युचल ट्रांसफर

Submitted by Manish Kumar jaat on Sat, 21/07/2018 - 15:48
​​​​​म्युचल ट्रांसफर नाम - मनीष कुमार पदनाम - टेक्नीशियन III बेसिक - 21700/- ग्रेड पे - 1900 नियुक्ति तिथी - 11/06/14 डिपार्टमेंट - मैकेनिकल वर्किंग डिवीज़न - भोपाल डिवीज़न वर्किंग स्टेशन - हबीबगंज वर्किंग अंडर - एस.एस.ई.कैरिज&वैगन वॉन्टेड डिवीज़न - झाँसी, आगरा, वॉन्टेड स्टेशन - झाँसी,ग्वालियर, आगरा, मथुरा,बाद, मो. न. - 9407840065 8109345229