A Railway staff can be transferred under different circumstances - promotion, periodic transfer, punishment, request transfer etc. The rules regarding seniority and grade and pay differs in each of these circumstances.

Mutal transfer between SRD HQ and rrc

I am suraj kumar mourya . I am doing job in eastern railway liluah workshop as technician . I am physically handicapped and my Medical standard is A2. I have come under the Handicapped Quota with open market. I have been admitted directly to the technician. I want to do mutual transfer with that employee who come from RRC Group D who have technician after promotion. Both employees community and post are same.

Transfer rules

Dear sir

I Completed 2 years service with Indian Railways SCR/SC Div. at Engineering Dept.I want transfer to Hyderabad division from SC division.In my office, I given application for transfer Request ,but our O/S.does not taken my application and said as compulsory completed four years service then you can give transfer request to me.
I requested to you give me complete information on transfer request .Is it true an employee can apply for transfer request must have four years service....?



seniority in transfer

I am working as lab assistant in kannur (palakkad division) and have applied for interdivisional transfer to TVC division. My name comes second in the seniority list for transfer to TVC. However, now there is a vacancy in Shoranur( palakkad division). Sir, I would like to know whether my seniority for interdivisional transfer to TVC change, if i opt a transfer to Shoranur(within the same division)

mutual transfer


I posted as Ch Radiographer in katihar div. My initial GP was 2800/- and then i was promoted by restructuring to Ch radiographer with GP 4200/- Scale 9300-34800 in 6 th CPC. Now i want to mutual transfer with a radiographer whose GP 2800/- in 6 th CPC. Both we are general category. I want to know that our mutual transfer is possible or not. Please help me.

pradip pramanik

Mutual transfer rule

मैंने 2014 में म्यूच्यूअल ट्रांसफर के लिए अप्लाई किया था, पर अक्टूबर 2016 में मेरा प्रमोशन हो जाने की वजह से अब मैं ट्रांसफर एप्लीकेशन वापस लेना चाहता हु। प्रसासन का कहना है कि म्यूच्यूअल ट्रांसफर का एप्लीकेशन वापस नहीं होता बोर्ड नियम के अनुसार। म्यूच्यूअल ट्रांसफर की प्रक्रिया GM से एप्रूव्ड हो चुकी है।
कृपया मेरा मार्गदर्शन करे।

about mutual transfer rules

मैने टेकनिशियन के साथ म्यूच्यूअल के लिऐ ऐप्लाय
कीया था, पर अभी ऊसका प्रमोशन जेई मे ह़ो गया है,
तो क्या अभी मै यहा से रिलीज होने वाला हू तो ईसमे मेरा क्या
जल्दी बताईयेगा सर

Regarding Mutual Transfer

Sir, I shri Nabarun Nag at present working as Senior Section Engineer/Mech at CLW/Chittaranjan. I was appointed as Section Engineer/Mech from RRB/Malda. I want to mutual transfer at Kanchrapara Workshop/ER. My mutual transfer partner is at present working as Senior Section Engineer/Mech at Kanchrapara Workshop/ER. He was appointed initially as Junior Engineer from RRB/Jammu. Both of us are UR catagory. Is it possible or not possible to allow us on mutual transfer and by which rule. Please reply me. Thank you.

Mutual transfer betwwen Direct SSE and promotee SSE

I am a direct SSE of carriage workshop in kahragpur, South Eastern Railway, In the month of FEb 2014, I have applied for mutual transfer with a promotee SSE of New Bongaidaon workshop of NFR. Recently my transfer has been regretted in the ground that I am a direct cadre and he is a promotee cadre. Both of our categories are same,

Sir, what i wanna know is
Is it possible for mutual transfer between a direct SSE and a promotee SSE,
If so, please provide me the specific rules.

Thank you Sir

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