DAR Rules


DAR(Disciplinary and Appeal) rules for Indian Railway employees are often criticized as archaic. The need to revise these rules are essential to boost the morale of the railwaymen.

Against dar

Sir please tell me awm issued chargesheet sf11 to me .I want to my netive place and I have accident from my scooty I have taken 33 days leave medical And quickly information given by watsup and after 10 days I have done speed post. after return from home PMC made by railway hospital and leave considered and sing by chargeman ,awm,and dipty cme  , what is the best solution for this

no penalty given by appellate authority

Dear sir,

I was removal by an office ranking Assistant Material Manager and my grade pay was Rs. 2800/-. Also when enquiry complited, the EO make slices of 2 charges to 8 and make me guilty in 1 charge and not guilty in balance 7 charges.

After 6 year, of my appeal made before 45 days after removal was answer and I was reinstate on same post without any penalty.

I want to know that can appellate authority give me other penalty after more than 1 year ?

Can I get the payment for the period from removal to reinstatement ?

How to get NOC

Myself MUTHU kumar, presently i am working as a ALP in SWR. I.ve applied a post in TAMIL NADU TEACHER RECRUITMENT recently. I want an NOC letter from my deptt fro that. Kindly provide me the rulings for this. what are the rules for applying new govt job being a govt officer for getting NOC.


If there is mistake in pay sheet

Respected seniors and colleages,
I prepare pay muster or pay sheet in my office. 16 to 15th of month. This month I did one mistake I marked CL instead of LAP of one employee. After some days I got in notice this mistake. I preapared a letter in favour of DRM(P) to inform that mistake and to deduct LAP instead of CL, signed
by my officer.
I this a serios offence, or is this ok. My officer said me bothing.

DAR case

All seniors and Colleauges , Good Morning

I have been given punishment for stoppage of increment of 2 yrs NCE  in the year 2012 in a  Major penalty case and the case ended in the year 2014. Before implementing the Major penalty Charge sheet i was suspended for  a period of 2 months. Can my suspension period be regularised in my duty period as the punishment imposed was Minor penalty. Please guide.. what and how to proceed. 



Debabrata Chanda. RPF/IPF


D%AR Rules

A charge sheet is served to a Railway employee for major penalty (i.e. SF-5) enclosed with a memorandum of charges which includes a statement of witnesses. Charges officer (i.e. charged employee) desires for witness to be present physically for cross verification of their statement. Please let me know who is to responsible to ensure the presence of witness on such occasion. Further, the charged employee sought some more related documents/evidences which is served by the admn containing some more statement of witnesses. Can C.O. ask to E.O. for ensuring presence of such witnesses.

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