Transfer of Union Bearer after refusal of Promotion for 02 times

Submitted by rajini10 on Fri, 16/02/2018 - 13:26

sir, as per establishment master circular no. 31 para may be read as under; 

14. Effects of Refusal of Promotions:

1.    The following principles may be followed in respect of staff that refuses promotion on transfer from one station to another: -

a.    The employee concerned should give in writing his refusal to accept promotion accepting the condition that he would not be eligible for promotion to that post for a period of one year. Employee who refuses promotion for a year on account of unavoidable domestic reasons should not be transferred for that year.

b.    At the end of the one year period, if the employee still refuses promotion, his name will be removed from the panel and he will be required to appear again for selection to that post. In such cases, the Railway Administration can transfer the employee in the same grade should they consider it necessary to do so.

 in view of above, can an union bearer of recognized trade union may be transferred out on being rendered refusal of promotion for more than 02 times? please advise with supporting policy / letter if any.