Stipend during training period exceeding 1 year

Submitted by Anii on Mon, 22/06/2015 - 08:54

Sir i was recruited as JE bridge under 4200 grade pay but as the duration of training is 2 years i am being paid 2800 grade pay,i have downloaded the letter with grade pays for JE's wrt to thier training period but in that letter the post was mentioned as JE grade 2 as far as i know the grades system has been scraped for JE's.i would like to as you following questions

1.what is my pass entitlement 1st class or 2nd.
2.will the difference in the grade pay will be reimbursed or not.we were given appointment letter mentioning 4200 gp. i entitled to claim TA during field or training,if yes, can i claim it for visiting a same site everyday.