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stepping up of pay

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Joined: 06/07/2013
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I was promoted in the erstwhile grade of 5500/9000 as TTI in the year 2001 July and my junior who refused promotion and got promoted in the year 2003 to the same grade in the month of Nov and he opted for pay fixation and was given pay fixation at 6900 in the month of April wheras we got 6900 in July ,as I was promoted and served at a different checking depot I got to know about it in 2012 and made a representation of the same.Am I eligible for stepping up of ad there is difference of 420 rs in our basic

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Joined: 27/08/2015

Respected sir
I am appointed at 1997 Jan 1 St as TNC/sk. I got promotion Sr tnc, HTNc 2006,& CTNC 2010, at that time HTNc & CTNC marged but I don't have any benefit I got only seniority benefit . My colleagues are have joinning seniority. I got the CTNC in Merritt. But those who are juniors shows in seniority list they get more pay. Is it possible to apply stepping up my basic.

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Joined: 07/12/2015

Dear Sir/Madam

I am a Northern railway employee working at Dayabasti workshop as a helper grade. I want to go Mumbai with my family next moth in Rajdhani/Duranto.

May you please guide me, I have to pay total fare for rajdhani/duranto tickets or I can avail fare concession?

The IIIrd AC fare in Rajdhani/Duranto = Rs. 2050 per person

& IInd AC fare in Rajdhani/Duranto = Rs. 2540 per person


Please advice.........

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Joined: 19/05/2015

Dear sir
I am promoted as Sr.clerk from jr. Clerk a five month ago.i want to mutual transfer from jr.clerk .is it possible if I am willing to go as a jr.clerk on bottom seniorty. if it is possible then what will effect on basis pay .

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