Seniority list

Submitted by dhananjay kuma… on Sun, 13/09/2015 - 20:52


i was initially appointed as trackman DOB 14/09/2005. Later on i got promotion as Clerk Grade II, DOA 12/02/2013 through LDCE.. our seniority list has published on 25/05/2015 in which name was at 3rd position and one month time was given for any appeal regarding correction. Thereafter i got a letter for suitability test of Clerk Gr. I dt. 25/08/2015 which is going to be conducted on 15/09/2015. But on 10/09/2015, again a letter has been issued by personnel department saying that two persons are wrongly assigned on seniority list . A lady decategorised Constable of RPF and one another person has been placed above me saying that He is above me in merit panel. And hence my name is excluded from the list of eligible candidates appearing for Clerk Gr. I suitability test. Whether this correction is permissible after finalization of seniority list.