Second time Re-Medical test declared unfit, what is further procedure

Submitted by pratap loco on Sun, 17/12/2017 - 16:26

I am working as a LOCO PILOT, my son got selected in ALP post after completion of all test,  and finally sent to medical test for A1 (ALP post). In that medical test my son got UNFIT, and i claim re-medical.  in that second time remedical test also declared UNFIT. On what basis doctors UNFIT my son in first and second medical tests so far we don't know.

For the first time UNFIT, doctors said that there was Vision Problem, immediately  we approched to senior Ophthalmologist and i checked my son vision as per railway medical standard  (A1) then doctors said that there is no problem in my son vision. again i claim for remedical. In second time remedical also my son got UNFIT. Doctors said again the same vision problem. (but wantedly declared UNFIT)

Second time formally conducted remedical test (which has not done properly and prepared the report without tests) i came to know that doctors wantedly declared UNFIT my son. 

But we need justice for this what can i do for further procedure. Where can i approach for further step any one can help for this issue.

If really my son found UNFIT in all categories even we can't do anything. but he is perfectly fit for A1 as per railway medical standard . personally we approched many top most 30+ years experienced doctors(Ophthalmologist). every doctors  said my son is FIT for A1 for ALP post as per medical standard . because they know railway medical rules as per railway medical standard .

NOTE: if really my son found UNFIT in A1 medial test. All Senior doctors they wont take any risk for their bright future by giving FIT in A1 medical.
if at all really my son having any defects and doctors found UNFIT we never fight for this issue. But my son is perfetly FIT for A1, and Doctors declare as UNFIT which is injustice. 

so we fight on this issue and i need justice for this issue.