Running staff's eligibility to get 30% pay element fixed after selected through LDCE

Submitted by arivoli on Thu, 12/11/2015 - 12:10

I know running staff getting through GDCE are not benefited by 30% pay element during pay fixation. My question is whether they are elegible for this benefit of 30% pay element fixation, when they get through LDCE. If eligibe, kindly refer the relevent RB order or any other supporting guidelines regarding in your reply. In TPJ Divn. of SR, personal branch questions this eligibility to my friend recently got selected as Section Controller from Sr. Goods Guard. Irony is that, except in our divn., all other divns of SR are giving this benifit to Running Staff.  Even in TPJ Divn. this benifit was given for long period of time like other divns do. Now suddenly they raise question over this and have stopped it. Kindly requesting the known people to respond with necessary supporting documents which could help us to counter.