Rly quarters

Submitted by srinivasvemula on Fri, 01/06/2018 - 20:16

Sir, one electrical staff is provided with type-1 quarters after occuping the same for few years he wants to change to another type-1 quarter which is bigger (extra room is avbl) than the present one, reason behind this is he is having grown up daughters. rly quarter is located just opposite to present one but it is mech pool moreover it is vacant for more than 6 months and loss of revenue to rly admin. Incharge of mech dept is willing to allot the same on temporary basis, but SSE/works (IOW) dept saying SSE/C&W (incharge) doesn't have a power to allot the rly quarter to other dept. Now my question is whether SSE/C&W is empowered to allot rly qtr of his pool to other dept on temporary basis or Not. Please anybody help me out of this