Regularisation pay scale of Substitute Gr - D

Submitted by kaustavbiswas on Tue, 02/02/2016 - 12:21

Appointed as Substitute Gr-D Helper II through GM quota (Graduate) via High court (pay 4440-7440 gp 1300) on April 2015.

Substitute period of 120 days comppeted successfully on August 2015. Screening procedure for regularisation comppeted on 14/10/2015.

DPO office is not ready to pay 5200-20200(1800), they sought clarification from Gardenreach. And GRC not replying on that.

Plz suggest if there is such establishment rule or any circular for that.

Letter sent to GRC from DPO/RNC
No. SER/P-RNC/Rectt.116/Subst./15

Dt. 14/12/2015

APO (Rulling)
SE Rly
GRC, Kol 43

Sub: Clarification sought for regularizarion of substitute and awarsing scale Rs 5200-20200+gp 1800.

Ref: 1. Panel no. ----------, 2. This office letter No. SER/P-RNC/Rectt.116/Subst./15 Dtd. 16.07.2015

With reference to your letter quoted above, the panel consisting of 22 nos of Gr. D's substitutes have been sent to RNC div for posting. The Gr D's substitute were given (1s) i.e.
4440-7440+GP Rs. 1300 and they have been posted in RNC div to the post as well as Deptt pinpointed by DRM/RNC.

Now, the matter in question needs to bless clarified that though they are posted in scale 4440-7440+GP Rs. 1300 but it is not mentioned in the panel paper what the scale of pay would be given after completion of 120 days continues service and further at the time of regularisation in the working post whether they will be given the scale Rs. 5200-20200+GP @Rs. 1800 as they are having qualification of matric and above passed or they will be regularised in scale 4440-7440+GP Rs. 1300.

It is therefore requested to kindly expedite the ase and communicate the decision of the competent authority on this issue to enable this office to enable this to take further necessary action.

Earliest reply in this regards is highly solicited.

Sr. Divl. Personal Officer/RNC

Copy to APO/Rectt/GRC for information & necessery action please.