Regarding Reimbursement of Medical Expenditure

Submitted by ranjanrmhr on Wed, 17/06/2015 - 21:04

I am a Retired Station Manager & holder of RELHS card which is registered at Divisional Railway Hospital, Malda Town, E.RLY.  I am not taking any OPD treatment &  getting FMA as my house is situated more than 2.8 KM from the Hospital. Uptil date I never took any indoor treatment. Now as per RLy Board's Letter No. 2009/ H / 6-4/ Policy dated 09.04.2015 regarding reimbursement  of medical expenditure by Railway for  the balance amount after payment by Insurance Co.against Mediclaim.  My question is whether I am entitled to get the balance amount in case of     treatment  at other medical centres except Railway Hospitals.