Regarding More than 40yrs of Service

Submitted by Shankar_Rao on Thu, 27/08/2015 - 18:27

Dear Sir


From  SHANKAR RAO (Loco Pilot Passenger)  Retired 

      SWR Mysore 


Sub Regarding more than 40 yrs of Service Done in Railway but now Retired  

In General is there any rule they provide job  after  retirement after receiving their retirement benefits, they can also have one of his sons or daughters can employed with the railways or have any chance to get job to his sons

and also  

1)Shankar Rao Date of appoint was in year 1973  and date of retirement was on 30-05-2013 toal service is 40 yrs and also 2 years i was worked in contract but this has not included in the total service3

2) During the 1974 there was strike period was held  in railway  that period there was rule regarding employees who were not particpated in railway there was Benefits was an i)Increment and other ii) they benefits regarding job providing job to there sons. In those Strike period i was not Particpated is 2 Para ii) is applicable to me regarding job to there sons or daughter

Please in General is it applicable can u provide information