regarding department exam

Submitted by Saroj kumar Debata on Sat, 09/01/2016 - 20:42

hello sir,I Saroj Kumar Debata working as aEcRc in East coast railway. I want to know being a graduate one EcRc is eligible for Commercial Inspector departmental exam or not? How Sourthen Railway allowing EcRc for above post but East coast Railway debarring Ecrc for that post? one Ecrc being a graduate and having grade pay 2800 not eligible for 4200 grade pay then how a cc one undergraduate and having grade pay 2000 eligible for the post. Then if Ecrc not eligible for that post means why commercial Inspector controlling EcRc. As it is called Indian Railway all rules are same for all zones.Then how reservation counter open in chennai Delhi Bangalore 8 to 20 hrs but in Eacoastrailway 8to22 hrs? very very injustice