Submitted by bijon on Mon, 25/01/2016 - 12:17

my friend applied in both railway E.R. and centrail as M.P.and ITI minimum as per adv. Unfotunatly he miss to mention about my H.S. . he had been selected first Soutcentrail rly and kol RRB had attached and pvr H.S. certificatehe Ihad been farther selected Eastern rail at same post . he had took technical resignation and joined Erly but at the time of attestion he told Erly about my H.S. qualification but they igored as per application .his service continuing from centrailrly to Erly. My service book will come from centra8l rly to ERly. My quarry will ERly take the H.s. automatically. t .how I add my h.s. Dae of joing 2013. Mp 1996.H.S. 1998. my friend come from chennai he is join same post here after technical regine with noc but at, the channi rrb recived his his HScertificate (1998) certificate and PVR and document attach at last page but front page is qulificatio is MP.INTHIS away he is join kpa but recruit meant day nied to recived HS .he is joined as aMP PASSED 2015 service is continued service record came from chennai .now kpa she sent; ;;PVR MP and ITI CERTIFICATE PLACE ZE HELP TO ADVICE HE ADD HS .FOR PVR