Pension related issue

Submitted by dassefali on Mon, 11/03/2019 - 03:25

Myself Smt. Sefali Das, beg most respectfully to state that my father Sh Monindra Nath Das was an ex-employee of Eastern Railway ( Patratu loco shed) and retired in 1983 Feb/March.
After his death my mother Smt Radharani Das also issued pension upto year 2000.
But this is my missfortune that I am unable to get the pension although I am an unmarried woman as I don't have any relevant document to prove this.
Therefore I am begging to you that if you kindly share the employee details of my father or any document like PPO no etc,I can approach further with the bank from where last pension withdrawn.

Looking forward for your intervention.

Your's truely
Sefali Das