pay fixation

Submitted by moinuddin khan on Tue, 22/09/2015 - 19:34

Sir I am staff nurse appointmen 31/12/2004 scale 5000-8000 than after 2 year I promoted 5500-9000 date 2/my 007 in sep 2008 6 pay come than my salary multiply by 5150*1.86=9580 in1/1/2006 but 6 pay commission write new recruits 12540+4600 and I got 9580+4600 this anomaly comes in railway board after discussion board circular the step up letter in Feb 2010 in January 2009 I transfer to central railway to north western railway with the Lpc 11390+4800 till centra railway staying no junior come nwr DPO say that your fixation will central railway but my junior is not come than how my fixation will be done railway say junior may be at that time if suppose junior not come than how fixation will done this is the big anomaly by railway board .I am suffer lots of time no solution come out nwr division I come lower most junior here.thank sir