Non receipt of PPO (Family Pension) since initial issued in 1987

Submitted by shobha1911 on Fri, 10/08/2018 - 12:01

I am the widow of Shri Late Tulsidas Kishnani who was working as TTE with Western Railways and expired Aug 13 1987 due to cardiac arrest

I took over job on compassionate grounds at Western Rlys Baroda as Junior Clerk and subsequently retired as Senior Clerk in 1997

I hold an illegible copy of initial PPO issued to me by Western Rlys office for grant of FAMILY PENSION vide PPO No BRC/E789/29/2/1279 dated 3.11.1987

After this PPO I never got the revised PPO which by default should have been couriered to me in 1996, 2006,2016. I followed up and sent my request vide letter dated 30.5.2013 to Shri G P Rathore who was then the Senior Divisional Operations Manager at Baroda office, but never received any response

There have been various wage revisions and pensions revised since 1987 to 2018, but I am yet to get the benefit of the revised Pension and the Arrears.

Appreciate if you can suggest whom to address the  problems faced by widow pensioners who are helpless at the hands of Government officials due to their non timely response and actions.

I would request if you can kindly help tackle this matter on PRIORITY to get the latest PPO, Family Pension made available so that the Bank can arrange for credit of REVISED PENSION plus ARREARS since me and my family are at a HUGE FINANCIAL LOSS due to lapses by Western Rlys employees who take their own sweet time to cater to circulars and make the necessary amendments and forward the PPO to the aged and deserving Pensioners