no penalty given by appellate authority

Submitted by sandeepsurve971 on Sun, 07/01/2018 - 14:55

Dear sir,

I was removal by an office ranking Assistant Material Manager and my grade pay was Rs. 2800/-. Also when enquiry complited, the EO make slices of 2 charges to 8 and make me guilty in 1 charge and not guilty in balance 7 charges.

After 6 year, of my appeal made before 45 days after removal was answer and I was reinstate on same post without any penalty.

I want to know that can appellate authority give me other penalty after more than 1 year ?

Can I get the payment for the period from removal to reinstatement ?

can I get my all period from suspension to reinstatement valid service ?

I was also remove by an Assistant rank office, so assistant rank office have power to give me SF5 and can remove me from service?



It all depend on the order issued by the Appellate authority reinstated you. If the order specifically says your service should be counted, then it will be counted and you are eligible for pay.