My friend needs a mutual transfer his employment details listed below

Submitted by Quasar on Sat, 14/07/2018 - 14:03

My friend's employment details are listed below, if a kind person is interested in applying for mutual transfer with him please share his same details while contacting him.

Thanking in advance

Name: Samir Biswas

Designation: Helper-II(Mechanical)

department : OPTG(P) 140 T BD Crane

current place of job: BMG crane shed, Howrah

wanted place : any workshop/ carriage/ open line/ loco shed/ car shed/ diesel shed at any of : Kanchrapara, Ranaghat, Krishnanager, Majhdia/ Gede 

ccandidate's contact no: 8972715320

community: S.C.

medical category: B1

Date of appointment: 12th April 2018

pay scale : 5200-20200