medical standard

Submitted by rajab143 on Mon, 11/01/2016 - 13:54

Good morning sir
my friend was selected for the JE,DMS posts but he has sight problem. his left eye has -1.75 which satisfies the 6/9 with glasses standerds but his right has -2.25 which has -0.25 extra sight (when power of lenses not to exceed 2D) which not satisfies 6/9 with glasses.can u give information that he will be selected or he will be disqualified for the JE,DMS posts. can u tell what is the remedy? or can he have laser operation? can he elligible if he have laser operation before attending the  medical exam? please give some solution sir. whether he is elligble or not elligible for JE,DMS posts....... Canu u please give information sir medical