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JE Apprentice

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Joined: 16/12/2015
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We have been recruited by the Delhi division's P branch as JE Tele in Dec 15 and routed to STTC, Ghaziabad. STTC shows its inability to start training ,citing the reason of non-availability of batch at IRISET Secunderabad. We have been told by STTC to report them one week prior to commencement of training.The batch at IRISET is from Oct 16. We came to know that salary/stipend will be started by STTC only after commencement of training. Now we have been trapped as most of us resigned from their previous jobs and now left unpaid till Oct 16 by railway. P Branch and S&T Department are blaming each other over the issue. As we are new to the organization please let us know how and where to project our concern.Further you are requested to reply 1)what will be our status for the unpaid period.  Are we still railway employee 2) Do we need to take permission from railway authority for any other job during the unpaid period 3) Do we need to under go medical again. 

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Joined: 14/01/2016

mr. how i can apply in delhi devision branch as je apprentic

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Joined: 02/02/2016

I am having Provisional Degree...
Will it be accepted in Doc verification...

Or I need to issue Degree certificate.
Will authorities allow to fill undertaking and give time to produce Degree certificate later

Thanks in advance.


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santi ranjan sarkar
Joined: 14/04/2015

I am a waiting list goods guard candidates of cen 03/12 of rrb kolkata. Now i am panelled for eastern rly as goods guard . How long time it will take to get letter for medical exam. From where i will get it , from eastern rly h q or from division. How i know where i am posted in which division. Is there any candidates like me.

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