Issue of Pass to advocate nominated to plead in court from Railway side

Submitted by Raju Verma on Tue, 14/07/2015 - 20:13

A Railway advocate has demanded Ist Class Railway Pass (from Allahabad to New Delhi and back with its validity of 15 days) for him with his an assistant advocate to discuss the pertaining matters in NR HQ(Baroda House/New Delhi) and RB(New Delhi). The case is against Hon'ble High Court-Allahabad. As per extent rule laid down in Pass Manual, Rly pleader/advocate can be issued Railway Pass for attending concerned court in connection with the case pending therein. Please let me know, is it admissible that a Railway advocate with his an assistance advocate* (* : or/and viz. with/without assistant advocate) can be issued such passes. If yes, the authority may kindly be given.