fixation of pay-steping up

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 Sir I and my junior  has been appointed on 20 august 1991 in the pay scale 1600-2660 on bombay central division on western railway .further my junior employee get transfered from bombay division to jaipur division of western railway on his own request (i.e on bottom seniority ) on 04.10.1993 subsequently i was promoted in the grade 2000-3200 as on 03.02.1994on bombay central division and my junior who was transfered from bombay division to jaipur division got promoted in grade 2000-3200 on 23.01.1995 
i got increment on 01.02.95  @2060    
on 01.01.1996 my pay was 2060  and my junior’s pay was 2000 being 

both employees were fixed with minimum pay 6500 and date of my increment was 01.02.96
and my junior 01.01.96

since at that time both are working on separate divisions  
in the year both of us are transfered on newly created northwestern railway 
head quarter on option basis in oct 2002

on 01.01.2006 i was drawing 8500 (Increment feb 2006) and my junior 8700 (after increment  jan 2006)
on 01.01.2006 new 6th pay commission i was fixed 15810+4600  where as my junior 16190 + 4600
sir ,
junior employee who appointed on same date and promoted after me is drawing pays more then me

several requests was made to chief personal officer by no justice given to me
please guide me  my e mail and contact no s 09001195459