Financial upgradation under MACPS

Submitted by nsrao47 on Sun, 11/12/2016 - 09:24

Hello Sir,

Pl. clarify the following issue

(1) Initial Appointment as DSL/Tract Asst. on 19-09-1991 in scale Rs. 900-920 (RSRP) ---(1900 GP)

(2) Promoted as Shunter on 01-11-1997 in the scale Rs. 4000-6000----(2800 GP)

(3) Promoted as Driver (Goods) on 06-01-1999 & 28-02-2000 in the scale Rs 5000-8000 (Promotion Not effected)

(4) Promoted as Sr. Shunter on 11-05-2006 in the same scale Rs 5000-8000 GP Rs. 4200/-

(5) Later on medically de-categorised and posted as Off. supdt. in Pers Dept on 13-06-2014 in the same GP ie., 4200/-
(Not followed the rule equality for all disabled persons ie., some of the employees were given GP 4600/-) When questioned, replied that they were de-cagegorised in 6th PC and my case belongs to 7th PC.

Now I have applied for financial up gradation under MACPS as I have continued in the same GP ie., Rs.4200/- from 11-05-2006 on wards. My personnel Adimin cadre staff instead of taking decision at Divisional level, misguided the concerned officer and forwarded my requisition to Head Quarter level (intentionally or due to lack of knowledge) .

Their argument is even though I was not given Sr.ALP which is in GP 2400/- will be treated as promotion. Hence I am not eligible for MACPS.

Pl. clarify

N S Rao
SCR/SC Divn.