Enquiry: Grade Pay Changes for TA/TI or Controller.

Submitted by JIBAN on Thu, 14/06/2018 - 12:01

Hello everyone. I am a Traffic Apprentice undergoing training at ZRTI Bhuli. 

After implementation of 7th Pay commission, grade pay of ASM is changed from 2800 to 4200 and the designation ASM become abolished. Whereas grade pay of Traffic Apprentice remains same (which is 4200). Even Traffic Inspector,Section Controller's initial grade pay is now equal to SM's. I think this is the biggest set back for TAs, as they are in the top of the list in RRB exams, taking 1 year training then is given the same post of SM.

Whereas SMs are on the lower part of merit list of RRB Exams And have only 3 months training.

My question is " does railway board considering about hike of initial grade pay of TAs or TIs or section Controller's?" 

Does any labour organization pointed this topics to Railway Board?

Is there any case pending in Supreme Court or any High Court regarding this?

Thanks in advance. Need fruitful comments.