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Diffrence between Senior section engineer and Assistant Divisional Engineer

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Sudarshan MN
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Respected sir/madam,

Iam Sudarshan a mechanical graduate. I would wish to join railways. Iam interested in becoming a Assistant divisional engineer or a senior section engineer. Can you please help me knowing the difference between the above two positions. It would be of great help if you can let me know the class, pay scale and the career pathways for both the positions. Also can be please tell me what is SSE iow.

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Dear Sudarshan,
IOW is Inspector of Works, and only Civil Engineers are eligible for this post, now IOW is knowns as JE Works. and the difference between SSE and Assistant Divisional Engineer is that Assistant Divisional Engineer is senior to SSE, vacancies in railways are only for SSE and you can only be promoted to Assistant Divisional Engineer.SSE is a post in Group C, whereas Assistant Divisional Engineer is a Gazetted post of Group-B

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