Denial of promotional increment.

Submitted by arivoli on Sat, 23/01/2016 - 12:13

I was promoted as Sr.Goods Guard in 01/11/2003 without any promotional increment. When asked, I was told that I'll be given the same only during the time of passenger Guard promotion as Sr.Goods promotion is only a Non-Functional promotion and not as the case of Passenger promotion which is a functional one. Subsequently, I was promoted as Passenger Guard in 26/09/2010. But, Shockingly, this time also I was refused my promotional Increment  with a bizarre explanation that, as per the latest RB Guidelines, Promotional Increment is now eligible only for Sr.Goods Promotion and not for Passenger promotion. This is highly unacceptable to me. I've been punished and denied my legitimate benefit  for the erratic changes made by the Administration for unknown reasons. IS THERE ANY WAY OUT?

Also, in my case I want to know that , since the latest stand of RB is to give promotional Increment to Sr Goods Guard , Can I claim my Increment from the date of Promotion as Sr.Goods Guard?

Please help me, if possible with documental support, to get my rightful benefit.