Declare unfit in all categories

Submitted by Sarita_1983 on Thu, 31/05/2018 - 22:51

Dear all, 


I want to know the rules to declare someone unfit in all categories. My father working in railway as SM , while on duty, he has brain stroke on Oct, 2017. Till today he is on sick leave . As we approached doctor to take desicion on ability of performing his duties.. They may declare him unfit in all categories. But as his retirement is just in July, 18.very small tine is left. 


Doctor told us it's not possible to conduct examination for Decatagorisation. As time of retirement is less.  Even they can not declare him too as they need to watch him for 9months for his improvement.


My question is

Is there limit in time span for Decatagorisation

How much time doctors will wait for recovery 


As retirement is close, they dun want to proceed further, is it correct