Contradictions in LARGESS scheme

Submitted by IRE Guest on Sun, 22/04/2012 - 15:32

Dear Sir,

I write this mail to make you know few contradictions regarding the LARGESS scheme in the SCR section... where few of the applied candidates are not been called for medical test as they have not qualified for the tests... as they have not passed the written test or PET test...

  • My question is what is the meaning of this "Liberalized Active Retirement Scheme for Guaranteed Employment for Safety Staff(LARGESS)". As it says it is "Guaranteed Employment" everybody who are eligible in its age criteria like as of the age of employee and ward, and applied for the job with the required eligibility criteria... , the job must be given at different level depending on the performance of the wards(candidate) in the tests conducted.
  • If they fail in written test, those failed candidates must be given job in Class 4 group such as trolley man, gate men, gang men, key men or anything like kalashi. As they are not qualified for the written test, it is clear that their education level is not satisfactory for any official job... so they can be taken in group 4 work as mentioned earlier.
  • Few after passing written test, If they fail in PET test which is running, we don't understand why running is for...? are they for RPF selection or is every employee in railways are good athletes or what is the purpose for every employee to run... whats my opinion is the one who have qualified in PET can be taken in RPF as railway police... Now the remaining candidates who did not qualified for the PET must be given job as per their previous experience and qualifications... at different levels. This is what is to be done... rather than creating confusions for poor candidates. Many have resigned their previous jobs for this railway job. Now sir, what is their situation?

Come on sir, please help... make this understand to the people who are handling this LARGESS scheme
Please do the needful Sir... Lot of expectations are there on this scheme...

Thanks and Regards,