Closing of Attendance/Mustar Register in Engineering Department (Civil),Construction Office

Submitted by on Fri, 28/08/2015 - 17:26

Hello to all , Consider a situation below in a Construction Office (Engineering Department Civil)at location "P" having employees as under A=SSE Works (GP=4600, joined Indian Railway 2008) B=SSE Works (Gp=4600, joined Indian Railway xx/xx/2013 ) C=SSE Drawing(GP=4600, joined on the same day of the joining of B i.e. on xx/xx/2013 but younger in age than A and B ) D=JE Drawing (GP=4200 , joined IR 2012 ) E= OS (Gp=4200 F= Sr. Clerk (GP=4200) G= AXEN (HQ at location Z but living in loction "P" H= Dy. Chief Engineer I,J,K......Khalasi,Trackman,Gangman..... The office is having many(multiple ) attendance registers. i) Register One ..maintained and closed by A=SSE/Works (each having their name ) ii Register Two maintained and closed by F=Sr. Clerk iii) Register Third maintained and closed by B=SSE/Works ( In this register the attendance of C=SSE/Drg, D, E,I,J,K....are recorded ) So questions are as follows : 1. Is multiple attendance register are allowed for the same office having employees (SSE Works, SSE Drawing, Sr. Clerk, OS, Khalasi...) if so then how will it be closed ? 2. If multiple attendance are not allowed then who will be athorised to close the attendance register of all employees and will there any written order for that person to do so 3. For Third register it is having the names of B= SSE/Works , C= SSE/Drawing ...(both of them have same joining date but Employee B is older than Employee C but both have same GP= 4600/- and employees B i.e. SSE/Works is closing the register) So how can employee B close the register in spite he is SSE/Works and closing the attendance of employee C SSE/Drawing there a rule for written orders have been issued for employee B to close the register 4. What are the rules for closing the attendance register . Who is authorized to do so. Will there be written orders by Dy. Chief Engineer or AXEN Note SSE Drawing , JE Drawing are directly under Dy. Chief Enggr. along with other staff clerk..os kahalsi... Please answer the questions with supporting circulars or reference .... Thanks and Regards Indian Railway Employee