Any Cost Ceiling limit to purchase a Flat/House

Submitted by vipulved27 on Thu, 27/08/2015 - 17:29

Dear Friends,

I am working as SSE /Electrical at H.Q. office of Northern Railway/ New Delhi. I am purchasing a flat in Ghaziabad, which cost is Rs. 32,50,000. I have given an application in Personal branch for prior intimation and permission   to purchase a flat. My basic pay is Rs. 20490/-

But as per persona branch SPO and OS, The ceiling limit of purchase a house is 134 times of basic pay (rs.  20490 x 134 = 27,45,660/-) and you cant purchase the flat more than Basic pay x 134. 

I have shown money arrangement with proof in prior intimation form 18(2) (1) Rs. 1,10,000 through cheque of my saving account (2) Rs. 17,00,000 Loan from bank (3) Rs. 15,40,000 gift from father.

I want to know is their any cost ceiling limit to purchase a flat for govt. employee?