adopted son name on retirement benefits

Submitted by VINOD SEHGAL on Fri, 08/06/2018 - 13:23


i am retired chief office suprident from northern railway. i was retired on 28 feb 2018. i have two daughters one is married well settled and second is divorced and living with myself. she has a 7 year old son which me and my wife has adopted two year ago.

now my divorced daughter name is on my retiremnt banefit, medical card, and railway pass but i want that my adopted son name should also appear on my medical card and other retirement banefits. i am retired from jagadhri workshop, amabala division.  my seniors are refusing to get my son name on my my retirement banefits. yet i have all supported documents, ration card name on my son, adhar card which stated that e and my wife are legal parents, certified adoption deed and all other things. 

can someone guide me where can i send written communication on this matter because my office staff simply refuse to accept my application in verbal and does not accept my document and application. please guide me more about this.