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Leave Not Due(LND)

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  •  Granted to a permanent employee when no other leave is due and there are reasonable prospects of his coming back to duty.
  • Sanctioned to the extent of LAP he is likely  to earn.
  • Maximum can be 360 days in the career of the employee with the condition that not more than 90 at a time and 180 days maximum for other than medical grounds.
  • Temporary employee may be sanctioned LND on medical certificate if the post is likely to last till he returns and he has one year service.



An employee was absconding

An employee was absconding from duty for a couple of months.  When he reported to office he was allowed to sign in the muster and has been attending duty ever since.  He has no leave to his credit.  He has submitted a leave application for LWP for the period he was absconding.  How can the application be processed.  how should this case be dealt with



Sir, can i have the


can i have the information regarding the competent authority for sanctioning the LND in case of as Khalasi Helper in SSE(Works) office, and can LAP be sanctioned in LND... its one of the case i have to deal with... please do reply

Sir,        In my division,



     In my division, the attendance sheet is submitted on 5th of every month. I have taken LWP from 21st march to 5th april. Now the OS say that i will not get the salary of march since i have taken LWP on the date of attendance submission. Is it true sir, if it is so, can i get the salary of remaining days with next months salary?

You should write to DRM  

You should write to DRM


I am a cricketer, working as

I am a cricketer, working as te. I was absent on 23rd dec due to illness. 24th and 25th was 26th iam also absent. Pmc,scl,scl, cl is possible? If spl cl happen in rest day, can i get cr?

As per rules, one day absent

As per rules, one day absent menas all the sanctioned leave will automatically converted into absent. There is no rule to take CR for SCL.

Sir„i am working as health

Sir„i am working as health inspector since 2009 now notification issued for post apo I want to appear as a candidate pl tell me I am eligible for the post of apo or not.

Dear sir,                 I

Dear sir,

                I joined Indian Rail on 18.01.2005. In 2009 on 14 nov I was on LWP as no leave in account and again in december 2010 LWP for 13 days. Can I apply Leave not due for that period now?

pl reply,


You should have applied at

You should have applied at the time of availing LWP for LND.

At that time I was not

At that time I was not allowed by my official/clerk for getting LND.

You want LAP for deceased

You want LAP for deceased employee? Yes when they are alive railway is not sanctioning leave at. At least it should be permitted when they are dead.

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