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Voluntary Retirement

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  • Besides right to seek retirement on attaining 50/55 years or 30 years of Qualifying Service Railway employee can opt for Voluntary retirement.
  • Railway employee who wish to retire voluntarily has to give a notice of 3 months.
  • Shorter notice may be accepted at the discretion of the Appointing Authority.
  • Minimum 20 years of Qualifying Service is necessary.
  • Weightage upto 5 years Qualifying service may be added provided (i)total Qualifying Service does not exceed 33 years.(ii)period does not go beyond normal period of retirement. (iii) No other benefits like notional increase in pay etc. will not be done. (iv) Weightage is not admissible for those who who has been retired by the Government in public interest.
  • Notice once given maybe withdrawn before the proposed date of retirement only with the permission of the competent authority. [Ref 1]

Request for VR/ Withdrawal of VR

  • Railways should consider requests for voluntary retirement or withdrawal of notice for voluntary retirement in a reasonable and rational manner and refuse only if there are valid reasons for doing so which should also be recorded and conveyed to the concerned employee within the stipulated time. [Ref 2 & 3 & 4]

Accident free service award

  • Accident free service award will be given to the staff who have taken voluntary retirement also. [Ref  5].

Commutation of Pension

  • In case of voluntary retirement lower commutation factor would be applicable as per Commutation Table, considering the age on the next birthday of the retiring employee after the date of birthday.

Eg: Suppose an employee Mr. X has taken voluntary retirement just 2 days before his actual date of Superannuation as under:


Basic Pension   :  Rs.7300/-
Date of birth    :  5th June, 1945
Date of Superannuation  :  30th June, 2005
Date of Voluntary Retirement :  28-06-2005

[ 7300 X 40% ] X 12 X 9.81 (Commutation factor for age 61 and not 60) = Rs.3,43,742/- [Ref  6]

Leave at credit

  • A Railway servant giving notice of voluntary retirement may also apply for the leave standing to his credit (except Extra ordinary leave) which may be granted to him to run  concurrently with the period of notice. 
  • In case, a Railway servant  applies for voluntary retirement while already on extra ordinary leave other than on medical ground, the notice period need not be insisted upon and his request may be accepted with immediate effect provided he is clear from  vigilance angle. 
  • If a Railway servant while already on extra ordinary leave on medical ground, applies for voluntary retirement, the notice period, if any, given may be accepted and he may be allowed to retire after the expiry of the notice period subject to vigilance clearance.[Ref  7]

Retention of Quarters

  • A Railway employee on retirement /voluntary retirees / retired compulsorily may be permitted to retain the non-earmarked Railway  accommodation for a period of 4 months on payment of normal rent/flat rate of licence fee/rent and the next 4 months on educational or sickness account on payment of special licence fee, i.e., double the normal rent or double the flat rate of licence fee/rent.
  • Retirement/death gratuity or special contribution to P.F. can be withheld in full for non-vacation of railway quartersafter retirement / VR. One set of post-retirement pass should be disallowed for every month of unauthorised retention of Railway quarters by retired staff. [Ref 8]

Benefit for Pass Rules

  • A benefit of 5 years service on voluntary retirement is granted towards the qualifying service for the grant of post-retirement complimentary passes.  [Ref 9]


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1. Roughly 50% of emoluments

1. Roughly 50% of emoluments of last pay as 6th pay commission taken away minimu service conditions.

2. DPO can take decision wherever clear circulars/clarifications availabe. Other cases he will refer to CPO/Railway Board Establishment.

3. MACP circulars are available here:

sir,railway ki vrs secound

sir,railway ki vrs secound lat ki exam kab hai aur jioning kab denge.

Hello Sir, I have joined

Hello Sir,

I have joined railways on 24-June-2011 as JE/IT on compassionate ground. I want to resign now as I want to proceed for higher studies. Could you please tell me what will be the notice period ? And is there any provision to waive off the notice period ?

I have completed 21 years of

I have completed 21 years of service in W.Rly as SSE/Drg, I wish to take voluntary retirement.Will i get weightage of 5 years service addition for the post retirement pass? How many pass will i get?

I have completed 21 years of

I have completed 21 years of service in S.E.F.Rly Nagpur as  a head booking clerk, I wish to take voluntary retirement.Will i get weightage of 5 years service addition for the post retirement pass? How many pass will i get?

You will be eligible for one

You will be eligible for one set of pass only after Retirement. 

Hello every one I joined in

Hello every one

I joined in Southern Railway as Apprentice Asst Draftsman (electrical) on 3rd September 1990. Please clarify

1) Whether I am eligible on date to submit VRS please

2) And if so am i eligible for pension. 

I also request you to kindly also indicate the reference to rule / code on the basis of which I am eligible or otherwise  to opt for VRS and get pension plz.

I will be very thankful if I am able to get the reply immediately plz.

You wont get any pension.

You wont get any pension. Minimum 20 years required for pension.

...sir, Please tell me sir,If

...sir, Please tell me sir,If I resign after 10 years regular service,then what will be the pension and other benefits.

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