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Training Modules for RRB JE/SE Mechanical (C&W, Diesel, Workshop)

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Initial Courses (in weeks)



(in weeks)


Courses Workshop






Junior Engineer (RRB)







Junior Engineer








Junior Engineer

(Promotion through









Sr. Section Engineer







  • The trainees should be provided with a detailed schedule / training module spelling out clearly the areas in which they will be trained, objectives, what they should learn etc.
  • A booklet containing an overall view of field unit should be given to them with the necessary theoretical input.
  • A copy of Manuals/other related study materials should also be given to the trainees so that they can use them for study. comparison and reference.
  • A standardized Diary should be maintained, in which the trainee has to write the observations made during his practical training.
  • Willing supervisors who are interested in imparting training in each section/shop should be identified and involved in imparting field training.
  • The field training should be monitored regularly by an Asst, Officer and periodically by a senior scale officer in the field.

See the syllabus and training module


dear sir..... i have done

dear sir.....
i have done diploma in mechanical eng.
i am selected in both ALP 
and JE mechanical
which one should i join
please reply
 i am little bit confused...........

That depends on you. Salary

That depends on you. Salary will be almost same as ALP will have Running Allowance as extra. If you have no problem with the running nature of duties related to ALP you may join. But Running staff have to remain always out of headquarters and family problems are frequent.

Dear sir, My Self Kumar

Dear sir,

My Self Kumar Mane,

I eligible for written exam various post JE means Cat NO. 32, 34, 41, 42 etc 

In this case different roll no. is giving me from RRB (application status 01/2012)

I can't understand  actually which is roll no. put in the exam means in the answer sheet

please send reply.

Thank You, sir 

If you put a wrong roll no.

If you put a wrong roll no. your answer sheet will not be valued.

I have just finished my BCA

I have just finished my BCA with 56.19% and my age is 21yrs  I want to join railway as a Ticket Collector but my question is in todays generation do government jobs have good scope  and if  so how it can be .And till how mush age can a candidate can apply for a TC job.

There are better jobs in

There are better jobs in Railways for a Degree holder than TC. Basic qualification to become a TC is only 10+2 which means salary also will be less.

i am Prashanth kumar, sir i

i am Prashanth kumar, sir i am selected as junior engineer in south central railway(mechanical workshop) but however i have GRADUATION(btech in EEE), so i am not satisfied with job, so i want to work for graduation post only.. here my doubt is while we are training or after training will get any direct promotions if we will be the toppers in training program(i have educational qualification), i we seen that lot of PUBLIC SECTOR UNITS will provide promotions for top 3 students in training, is any such type of facilities are there in railway, not only in this way(you could suggest me if any other paths available) THANK YOU SIR..

Dear sir,  I eligible some

Dear sir,

 I eligible some five post of JE in RRB Mumbai. 01/2012

but I can't understand which Roll no. put in the answer book (OMR)

and second Question my 4 application status is TRUE but 1 application status is spelling mistake in my father name  so its serious in exam process.



Are you saying that you send

Are you saying that you send 5 application forms for the same post? 

See the following from RRB notification:

Your candidature can be rejected if you send more than one form for the same post to same RRB. "

Your training will include

Your training will include class room training and job training in the shop. Most of the one year training will be in the shop. 

For salary see here:

All SEs have same salary.

You will sort of supervisor, asmostly designing will be done by higher up


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