Syllabus For Assistant Personnel Officer (APO)/ Assistant Welfare Officer AWO(Group B)

1. General condition of service of employees.

2. Cadre – creation of posts, unsanctioned posts, review of cadre, ban on creation of posts.

3. Manpower, selection process, clarification of service, recruitment of Artisan staff, special reservation in Railway service for SC/ST and other categories, role of Railway Recruitment Board in recruitment, recruitment other than through usual channels, direct recruitment grades.

4. Training and Development training of Gazetted officers, training of safety categories, Trade Apprentices, Engineering Trainees, Clerical staff, Knowledge of Railway training Institutions, Zonal Training School.

5. Job change – promotions, transfer and dislocations, promotion of nonselection posts, promotion to selection posts, suitability/Trade test, effect of refusal of promotion, transfer of SC/ST and union employees, employees termination and dislocations, resignation, dismissals, absorption of medically de-categorised staff.

6. Confidential Reports.

7. Wages system of wage payments in Railway, scale of pay, types of pay, types of allowances, T.A., wages policy, principles of wage fixation, concept of Minimum wages, minimum wages act, 1948, payment of wages act, PLB, incentive scheme.

8. Management of personnel in Loco Sheds, C&W Depots, Station, Engineering offices, various records kept and procedures followed and redressal of grievances, supervision work of personnel and welfare inspectors.

9. Advance and their eligibility.

10. Leave Rules.

11. Substitutes, Casual Labour – engagement policy and procedures.

12. Maintenance of records, service books, personnel files and preparation of claims, pay bill, TA, arrears, etc.

13. Discipline and Appeal Rules, Railway service conduct rules, schedule of disciplinary power.

14. Schedule of power in Establishment Matters.

15. Industrial Relations – Machinery for negotiations, role of unrecognized Trade Union and methods of dealing with them.

16. HOER, Overtime, Job analysis and its mechanism.

17. Factories Act, Special Rules for workshop staff in Railways.

18. The workmen’s compensation Act, Ex-gratia payments.

19. Industrial Disputes Act.

20. Staff Welfare/Staff Benefit Fund, Consumer Cooperative Societies, Medical assistance, workers education scheme, educational assistance, reimbursement of tuition fee, re-imbursement of legal expenses, Housing reservation.

21. Pass Rules.

22. Retirement benefit under SRPF and pension Rules.

23. Ten percent of the total marks allotted for question on official language policy and rules.

24. Financial Rules