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Special Casual Leave

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Days eligible
Sterilisation Operation - Male Railway employee
Vasectomy Operation first occasssion         
6 days
Vasectomy Operation second occasssion   
6 days
Tubectomy operation of wife
7 days
Sterilisation Operation - Female Railway employee
Tubectomy operation first occasssion
14 days
Tubectomy operation second occasssion
14 days
Insertion of IUCD
1 day
After medical termin ation of pregnancy undergoing Salpingectomy
14 days
Both Male and Female Railway employees – Period of hospitalisation for post-operation complications
Male Railway Employee
7 days
Female Railway Employee
14 days
For recanalisation - 21 days of hospitalisation plus journey time.
Attending Union and Federation meetings.
For elections to Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha
For RPF annual Day meet
Attending courts as juniors or assessors
Attending Hindi Examinations
Co-operative Society office bearers
Along with special passes for Kailash Mansarovar


sir, i am technician in

sir, i am technician in indian railway with pwd quota .i am recruit by head quator eastern railway .i want to know about that can i do mutal transfar with rrb candidate

R/Sir,           I am a


          I am a railway employee,I want to ask a question. How many days Spl.C.L grant for Sterilisation Operation of wife?

7 days.

7 days.

Sir i am a sports person

Sir i am a sports person working in railways, pls provide circular for granting half day spare to sports person for practice.




Dear Friend, I feel the

Dear Friend,

I feel the undermentioned reference will serve your purpose.  Please contact the Sports Secy. of your Division.  With best wishes,

Ref: Boards Letter No.E(W)67 Spl. -15 dated 04.04.1968, 25.06.1968, 05.10.1968, 24.10.1968 & 24.07.1969 - " Railway servants participating in practice sessions of sports for a part of the day/ short duration in a day should be allowed to remain absent from duty with prior permission, for the purpose."

Special casual Leave is not

Special casual Leave is not ON DUTY

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