Rules regarding allotment of Railway quarters - Out of turn allotment for SC/ST, TA personnel, OH, medical ground etc.

Rules regarding allotment of Railway quarters to husband and wife posted at the same station

  • No Railway employee (Gazetted or non-gazetted), shall be allotted a railway quarter if the spouse has already been allotted a quarter at the same station, unless such quarter is surrendered. This will, however, not apply where the husband and wife are residing separately in pursuance of an order of judicial separation made by any court.
  • Where two employees in occupation of separate quarters at the same station allotted under railway rules, marry one another, they shall, within one month of the marriage surrender one of the residences.
  • Where two employees (husband, and wife) are in occupation of separate residences at the same station, one allotted under Railway Rules and another from a different pool on account of the allottee being an employee of another Government Department, any one of them shall surrender his/her residence within one month of the marriage.
  • If a residence is not surrendered as required under (b) or (c) above, the allotment of the Railway residence shall be deemed to have been cancelled on the expiry of such period.
  • In the event of either of the two employees (husband & wife) being transferred to another station, he/she (as the case may be), shall be entitled for allotment of Railway quarter under the relevant rules.  [Ref. No. E(G)73 QR 1-44 dated 02.07.1974]
  •  Wife / husband of an employee sent on deputation could be considered for allotment of the same quarter, already allotted to one of the spouse, if she/he  was otherwise eligible in the normal course taking her/his date of registration for quarter from the date of her/his appointment / transfer / posting at a particular station. [Ref. No. E(G)90 QR 3-16 dated 10.10.91]

Allotment of Railway quarters – Reservation for SCs/STs

  • Reservation of 10% in respect of Type I and Type II Railway quarters(in non-essential categories only)  should be made in favour of SC/ST employees in all the areas where the number of quarters is 50 or more. 
  • Representative of SC/ST employees who have been duly recommended by the SC/ST Railway Employees Association should also be included in the housing allotment committee in all the places wherever it exists.
  • The reservation is made against the total number of quarters at a station and not against the number of quarters in a particular pool.
  • Two waiting lists are to be maintained, one general waiting list and another special waiting list of SC/ST Railway employees for allotment against 10% quota in Type I and II and 5% in Type III and IV. 
  • The reserved quota is exclusively  reserved quota for SC/STs and allotments made to SC/STs from the general list is not countable towards the reserved quota which has to be filled by allotment to SC/ST employees who are not covered against the general [unreserved] points of the roster within the vacancies of quarters to be filled up at a particular point of time.  In other words, SC/ST employees allotted Railway quarters on their own service length seniority in the general list are not to be adjusted against reserved quota.
  • Reservation percentage will be applied separately to Type I and Type II quarters; Waiting lists have to be prepared separately for each type of quarter.

[Ref: No. 82-E[SCT]26/2 dated 27-9-83 and 2002-E[SCT]I/21/1 dated 20-11-02],  [Ref: No. 84-E[SCT]I/21/1 dated 22-08-86], [Ref: No. 97-E[SCT]I/22/5 dated 09-10-97],  (Ref: 99 /E/SCT/!/21/1 dt.25.6.99)

Out of turn allotment of quarter

Out of turn allotment of quarter wherever conceded, should be made strictly on the basis of date of registration in the out of turn register to be maintained for the purpose

[Ref. No. E(G)66 QR 1-21 dated 12.10.1966]

  • Handicapped persons appointed on the Railways under special schemes depending on merits of each case, with due regard to the degree of their disability.[Ref. No. E(G)66 QR 1-21 dated 12.10.1966]
  • On medical grounds : Heart ailment, Pulmonary T.B, and Cancer. only the illness of the Government servant himself and/or members of his/her family i.e. wife/husband and the children, should alone be considered for the concession of ad-hoc allotment on these two grounds.
  • 5% reservation of vacancies in general pool for, ad-hoc allotment on medical grounds and physical handicap [Ref. No. E(G)85 QR 1-8 dated 05.06.1986]
  • Father to son/ daughter/ dependent of retired / deceased Railway employees who are appointed on compassionate grounds, may be considered by the competent authority only in cases where the compassionate appointments have been made within the prescribed period of 24 months. In case, the compassionate appointee had remained in occupation of the Railway accommodation unauthorisedly beyond the permitted period, that in itself would not confer any right in favour of the compassionate appointee in the matter of regularisation of the Railway accommodation in his/her name. Further the Railway Administration should also initiate eviction proceedings soon after the prescribed period for retention of accommodation is over. Thus the casual labour and the substitutes with or without temporary status are excluded from the scope.
  • Provided that the said relation was a railway employee eligible for railway accommodation and had been sharing accommodation with the retiring or deceased railway employee for at least six months before the date or retirement or death and had not claimed H.R.A. during that period. The same residence might be regularised in the name of the eligible relation if he/she was eligible for a residence of that type or higher type. In other cases a residence of the entitled type or a type next below is to be allotted.
  • Requests for out of turn allotment of Railway accommodation from the eligible dependents of deceased Railway employees who are appointed on compassionate grounds may be considered  for allotment of Railway quarter of one type below the entitlement of the deceased Railway employee, minimum being Type-I and restricting the allotment upto Type-IV failing which Type IV Spl or the entitled category of accommodation to the compassionate appointee, whichever is higher, subject to fulfilling the laid down conditions.  This will be applicable to all Group A, B, C & D Railway employees. 
  • Quarters occupied by the employees taking VRS under the LARGESS Scheme may be allowed retention of accommodation in the name those wards who are eligible for the same type of accommodation. For others, the wards may be considered for a fresh allotment on out of turn basis. (Ref)

  • Provided that in case where the retiring employee, including those who take voluntary retirement, or any member of his family, owns a house in the place of his/her posting, the specified relative will not be eligible for allotment of railway quarter on out of turn basis.

Allotment of Railway Quarter to TA Personnel

  • All the Railway personnel serving in the Railway Engineers Group Units [TA] should be treated as essential staff for the purpose of allotment of Railway accommodation. [Ref: E[ML]74 ML3-34 dt. 6-6-74]
  • From amongst the unhoused TA personnel, some of the smarter employees who show leadership and enthusiasm in TA may be given preference over other TA personnel in allotment of quarters out of turn as recommended by commanding officer of the TA unit. [Ref:No. E[G]96 QR1-42 dated 3-11-97]

See the circulars on Quarters


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