Retirement benefits


The following rules regarding pension apply only to those appointed on or before 31.12.2003.

  • Railway Services (Pension) Rules 1993.
  • Railway Services (Pension Commutation) Rules 1993
  • Railway Services (Extraordinary Pension) Rules 1993

Railway Servants who have been appointed or or after 1.1.2004 New Pension Scheme will apply.

Benefits to all staff at Death/Retirement

  • Pension/Family pension.
  • Gratuity.
  • PF at the credit of the employee.
  • VPF deposit money.
  • Amount under Group Insurance Scheme.
  • Encashment of Leave.
  • Travelling Allowance for self and members of family as on transfer.
  • Composite Transfer Grant.
  • Settlement/Kit pass.
  • Incidental charges for loading of kit.
  • Amount under Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme.
  • In case of death/disablement appointment of dependant on compassionate grounds.
  • In case of death, out-of turn allotment of quarters to dependant.
  • Post-Retirement Complimentary Pass.
  • Facilities of Medical Attendance.


  • Pension on Superannuation.
  • Retiring Pension.
  • Invalid Pension.
  • Compensation Pension.

Quantum of Pension

  • Pension on retirement to Permanent/Temporary employees with 10 years of Qualifying Service.
  • 50% of average emoluments during past 10 months or pay last drawn whichever is beneficial to the retiring employee.

Qualifying Service

  • Qualifying Service starts from the date of appointment even on temporary basis if followed by confirmation.
  • Service rendered in State Government followed by absorption in Central government may also count. However following will not count as service:
    (i)   Service before attaining 18 years.
    (ii)  Service as Apprentice.
    (iii) Overstayed Leave/Joining Time not regularised as leave with leave salary.
    (iv) Suspension, if so decided by authority.
    (v)  Dies-non period.
  • Following shall count as Qualifying Service:
    (i)  All duty/leave/deputation period.
    (ii) Extra ordinary leave on medical grounds.
    (iii)Pre-appointment training of Group C & D.
    (iv)Probation followed by confirmation.
    (v)Suspension regularised as leave/duty.
    (vi)Period paid from contingencies followed by regularisation(Only half the service will count).
  • Previous civil service may count in case of those retired on compensation/invalid pension and not others provided they refund all gratuities drawn and surrender pension. Option for this must be given within 3 months of re-employment.
  • Previous military service may count if they opt within 1 year of reappointment to refund all gratuities and surrender pension.

Commutation of Pension

  • Upto 40% of pension can be commuted and get a lumpsum payment.
  • No Medical Certificate is required if applied within one year of retirement.
    Value of commutation = Commutation Value from the table x 12 x Amount of pension commuted.
  • After 15 years of retirement or from date of commuting pension whichever is earlier employee will start getting full pension again.
  • Commutation is based age next birthday determined with respect to: 
    (i)  Date of superannuation when required with PPO (Pension Pay Order ).
    (ii) Date of application if no Medical examination is involved.
    (iii)Date of Medical Examination where necessary.



Dear Sir,

             I am an ex- serviceman re-employed  as a technician through RRB Chandigarh.Now I have completed 11 years of regular service . Sir how much of pension benefits Shall  be due to me after completing seventeen years of service before superanuation retirement.

sir ,
I am selected as goods guard in scr.i wnat to know if we got a better job after join in goods guard i have to pay money to scr .if yes how much money i will pay

when an employees is retired for 3 months back and he will expired on 12.08.2012 ,  If he is eligible for any exgratia amount.






Sir,i have completed -29 years of railway service,due to my personnal problems i have been applied for VRS but it was regected and railways removed me service with compossionate allowance.My question is they have not mention the quantum of allowance, will i get 2/3rd of pensionary benefits and also inform me what are benefits i will get? 


Is there any rule of not taking written test for the candidate whose father retired before 2 years in group D category ie such candidate will appear directly for interview in Group D cat

Sir, My father Sri. A Natarajan retired from Southern Railways in September 1990. Today, ie on 8th September 2012 he has completed 80 years of age. I just want to know whether the increase in pension of 20% at attaining the age of 80 years will automatically be implemented by the concerned authorities or is there any procedure to be fulfilled by the beneficiary?

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