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Railway Servant's Pass Rules, 1986

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( Embodying All Correction Slips Issued Upto 74, dated 16.12.2013 )

(Published in the Gazette of India, Part II-Sec. 3(i) dated August 16, 1986 vide G.S.R. No. 629 at page no. 2198-2212)

1. Short Title, Commencement and Application

2. Definitions

3. Officer or authority competent to issue and sign a Pass or PTO

4. Kinds of Passes

5. Duty Pass

6. Privilege Pass

7. School Pass

8. Post-retirement Pass

9. Passes to widows of Railway Employees

10. Residential Card Pass

11. Special Pass

12. Pass or P.T.0 for non-railway servants

13. Loss/ Misuse/ Fraudulent use of Passes & Privilege Ticket Orders

14. Powers of General Managers to Condone irregularities

15. Income tax/ Monetary value of Passes and Privilege Ticket Orders

16. Status of Pass Manuals etc.

17. Powers to Modify etc.

18. Removal of Doubts




Circulars on Pass Rules

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