Penalty for the loss/Misuse of Pass

Penalty for the loss of passes:

1. Railway Staff:

Gold/Silver/ Bronze passes Actual cost of replacement
Duty card pass I, I A Rs. 35/-
Duty card pass II nd class Rs. 12.50/-
Trolley Pass Rs. 12.50/-
Privilege pass I, I A Rs.10/-
Privilege pass II nd Rs.5/-
Residential card pass/school  pass I, I A Rs. 35/-
Residential card pass/school  pass II nd class Rs. 12.50


2.Non-Railway Staff

Card Pass I Class Rs.150/-
Card Pass II Class Rs 75/-
Cheque Pass I Class Full fare max beingRs.50/-  & min Rs.10/-
Cheque Pass II Class Full fare max beingRs.30/-  & min Rs.5/-
GRP/Rly. Magistrate I Class Rs. 35/-
GRP/Rly. Magistrate II Class Rs. 12.50
Post-retirement Pass I Class Rs. 25/-
Post-retirement Pass II Class Rs. 10/-


  • Office bearer of recognised Unions/Federations who are either serving Rly. Employee or ex-Rly. employees will be treated at par with serving Rly. employees.

Misuse/Fraudulent of use of Passes

  1. In case of loss of pass or PTO  a report should be made immediately to the police by the pass or PTO holder sending a copy of the same to the Pass/Privilege Ticket Order issuing authority.
  2. Deterrent punishment will be awarded to railway servants detected misusing passes  and privilege ticket orders including dismissal or removal from service or reduction to a lower post depending upon the seriousness of the offence.
  3. Not filling the date of commencement of the journey -A fine of Rs. 10/- for second class and Rs.25/- for First Class passes. his amount has to be recovered from the employee by the ticket checking staff and the proper receipt issued. This fact may also be endorsed on the passes. Passes may also be returned within one month of the expiry of the pass or its utilization whichever is earlier. In regard to those cases where a fine has been imposed by the T.T.Es for non-filling the date of commencement of journey on the passes, the following action may be taken
    (a) First case Warning
    (b) Subsequent 'To be dealt with on merits'. This should be taken serious view of and suitable deterrent action taken against the defaulting staff.

A fine of Rs. 10/- for second class and Rs.25/- for First Class passes