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Pass Rules

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General conditions

  • Passes and PTOs are not transferable and should be used only by the person in whose favour they have been issued.
  • Passes may also be returned within one month of the expiry of the pass or its utilization whichever is earlier.
  • Fine of Rs. 10/- for second class and Rs.25/- for First Class passes may be imposed on the Railway employees for not filling the date of commencement of the journey on both privilege and duty passes.
  • For the issuance of pass a year means a Calendar year. 

Validity of passes/PTOs 

   Single Journey Pass   4 months from date of issue
   Return  Journey Pass   4 months from date of issue
   Single Journey PTO   4 months from date of issue
   Return Journey PTO   4 months from date of issue
   Settlement Pass   1 year from date of Retirement
   Kit Wagon Pass   1 month from issue

Ref : RBE 82/2008 dated 10.07.2008


Pass shall normally be issued via shortest route, provided that a longer route may be permitted on the Privilege Pass in the following circumstances :-

  • Two alternative routes are available for a destination, for example - Bombay to Calcutta via Nagpur or via Allahabad and Bombay to Delhi by the Central Railway or by the Western Railway - such passes may be permitted by either route irrespective of the distance involved; 
  • If longer route preferred by the Railway employee does not exceed by fifteen percent of the distance via the direct route such passes may be issued even if a double journey over a small portion is involved (for example - ex-Chittaranjan to Kancharapara via Howrah or ex-Lucknow to a station on the Southern/South Central Railway via Bombay V.T.), provided the distance does not exceed the distance via the shortest route by more than 15% to take advantage of terminal facilities as in Bombay V.T. - Kalyan or Madras-Arkonam sections; 
  • If the longer route is quicker than the direct route irrespective of distance involved.

Against the column Route/via it can be written as 'available over IR & KRC

Break Journey

  • Pass holder can include any number of stations for break journey in the pass.
  • In addition an unscheduled break journey can be made and endorsed by SM/TC on the pass.

Year ending passes

  • Passes, PTOs , Post Retirement Complimentary passes, Widow passes as due on for the year can be issued upto 31st March of next year half set pass and 30 April in case of full set.
  • Validity of these passes/PTOs will be upto 31 MArch/30 April only.  

Pass in next year’s account

  • One set of Pass/PTO/Complimentary Pass/Widow pass not more than 100 days in advance of beginning of the next year, for journeys commencing in the next year duly debiting such issue of pass/PTO in the next year’s pass account.
  • The validity of the pass shall be four months from the date of issue. *


  • Passes as for Railway employees shall be applicable to various categories of trainees and apprentices, but not to their families.


1  Railway Board’s letter No. E(W)2010/PS5-17/l dated 3-6-2011(RBE No: 80/2011)

2.  RBE No:  41/2011 dt 26.03.2012


normally no compassionate

normally no compassionate ground is permissible when an earning member of the family is available.  Compassionate appt. is permissible as per rules only to the breadwinners when an unfortunate death of Railway employee visits him/her.

Dear Sir, My father's date of

Dear Sir,

My father's date of apportionment is 17/08/1983 of North central railway, Allahabad and date of Compulsory retirement is 07/01/1997. Since the date, my father is not getting "post retirement railway passes". please provide me some information, how will my father get the post retirement passes and how many number of passes he will get?



Arka Chakraborty.

The employee is eligible all

The employee is eligible all terminal benefits as if he is retired from service which applies even to compulsory retired staff also.  Excepting loosing the reminder of service, no other benefits can the employer with held.  Please contact welfare Inspector concerned immediately for know the benefits.

Post retirement railway

Post retirement railway pass in case of Compulsory retirement depends on the orders of CR. What the order says about the admissibility of pensionary benefits??

yes, my father is getting

yes, my father is getting pension benefit of Rs. 3500/=+DA. so, in this case is my father eligible to get post retirement passes? in which department of N.C Rly., Allahabad we should contact to get this soon?


Arka Chakraborty.

Post retirement passes are

Post retirement passes are issued based on the number of years of Railway service. See here:

I am track man at chennai I

I am track man at chennai I am done my rest day duty that C.R. is how many month ya Days valied and how many C.R. Taken in one time please Tell me C.R. Rule

There are no rules to say

There are no rules to say that CR should be availed in how many months or how many you can avail at a time. That means there are no limits for these.

Tell me sir C.R. And C.L.

Tell me sir C.R. And C.L. leave Rule plz

Respected Sir / Madam , I

Respected Sir / Madam ,

I have joined as apprentice Section Engineer in Nagpur Division. I want the information about our rights like Leave(Which Type & How many we gets), Pass/PTO, ID Cards.

what is the rules/duty of a

what is the rules/duty of a dutypass holder travelling in a express train and a passenger is standing infront of him?

No specific rules are

No specific rules are prescribed in such a situation. If the pass holder has a reserved seat he is entitled to sit.

Respected Sir,  I have a

Respected Sir, 

I have a Return pass. Is there anyway I can book tickets using my pass instead of going to the ticket counter and manually booking the tickets?

Thank you.


Clement Simon.

For the moment there is no

For the moment there is no other way - until they allow online booking on pass.

He is eligible.

He is eligible.

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