Other Passes for Railway Employees

Duty Card Pass

  • Issued to officers who are not issued with metal passes and other Railway employees who are required to travel frequently on duty.
  • Normallyissued for a period of 1 year.

Emergent Duty Pass

  • To perform official duties

Residential Card Pass

  • Issued to Railway employees over notified sections for travel from their place of residence to place of duty and back.

Transfer Pass

  • Issued to self, family, dependant relatives (no limit in this case) including father who is wholly dependant of the Railway employee and residing with him.
  • Passes may be issued to family and dependant relatives to settle in a place other than the new station of the railway employee and he is eligible for separate pass to join his new place of posting.

Settlement Pass

  • Issued to a Railway employee at the time of retirement to settle in a place of his choice.
  • Should be availed within 1 yearfrom date of retirement.
  • No limit for the number of persons in the pass.

Provision Pass

  • Issued to Railway employees working in wayside stations or for their dependants to go to nearby market to purchase provisions required.
  • The holder of the pass can carry 45 kg of provision at a time.
  • Issued with personal sanction of GM.

Cheque Passes

  • Issue on duty, privilage, transfer, school, retirement and medical grounds.
  • On medical grounds higher class pass also can be issued as per medical advise.

Complimentary Pass to Licensed Porters

  • Registered and authorised coolies working at railway stations will get one set of pass for self and wife in II/SL class in a calendar year.
  • Station Master will issue pass mentioning details of name, badge no, Identity card no etc. and send a monthly statement to Divisional office.

Split Pass

  • When a Railway employee is unable to accompany his familyhe can avail pass for himself and a pass for for family.
  • Seperate passes will be issued which will constitute a set.Such passes shall be issued within a period of one month.
  • This facility is not applicable to retired railway employees.

Lecturers and Participants of Education Programmes of AIRF & NFIR to be issued complimentary pass not higher than I st class.

School Card pass

  • Issued to wards of Railway servants to enable them to travel between station near residence and station near to school or college based on certificate of school authorities.
  • A maximum of 3 School Card passes are issuedto a Railway Employee at a time.
  • Wards of retired/deceased Railway employees are eligible for School Card passes till the end of academic year in which retirement/death occurs.



Thu, 19/12/2013 - 20:18

Retired Rly. employee who is reengage in  re project on daily rate up to 62 years of age. whether,he is entitled on duty pass to travel for rly.wok or not kindly refer rly. circular .

Thomas Abraham

Fri, 20/06/2014 - 02:22

my family stay at my native place, can I avail split pass?

here in my case, onward journey and return journey changes.

waiting for reply...