Other Instructions on Pass Rules

1. Special passes for the family members of Employees going for treatment at Health Units from way side stations

Family members of the employees working at wayside stations/RELHS beneficiaries, suffering from ailments, in need for medical treatment from the nominated Health Units may be issued special passes on medical grounds. Such special passes on medical grounds may be issued by the Sr.Subordinates who are vested with the powers to issue/sign passes on Privilege/Post-retirement complimentary account to employees/pensioners.


2.    Children born out of void marriages

[Children born out of void marriages are not eligible for any kind of Railway passes.]1


3.     Complimentary Check passes to Licenced Porters


[One set Complimentary Check pass in Second/Sleeper Class will be admissible to the licenced porter and to the spouse in a calendar year from the station of duty to any station on Indian Railways and back. Break journey will be allowed as per rules to second/sleeper class ticket holders. The pass shall be valid for a period of two months from the date of issue.]2


4.     First Class pass to re-employed Ex-servicemen

[First Class pass to re-employed Ex-servicemen on the Railways will be based on their date of entry into Railway service and their pay on the Railways.]3


5.    Medal winners in Olympic games

[Medal winners in Olympic games may be granted 1st AC complimentary cheque pass , along with one companion, in the same class, on receipt of application from the sportsperson ( single to and from journey) valid for travel in Rajdhani & Shatabdi  between any two stations on Indian Railways, once during a financial year, every year.]4


6.   Family Identity Cards for issue of post retirement complimentary passes

[Family Identity Cards are to be issued by the pass issuing authority who maintains the pass account for the issue of post retirement complimentary passes, irrespective of the original place of retirement of the Railway servant.]5


7.    No surcharge

[No surcharge of any kind shall be levied on the railway servants against all kinds of travel facilities viz., Passes, PTOs, CST(suburban pass) RCP etc. extended to Railway employees over Secunderabad-Hyderabad-Lingampally Section of the Multi Modal Transport System]6


8.    Duty card pass to GRP

[Duty card passes to GRP personnel may be issued over actual jurisdiction of the official concerned on the recommendations of the Chief Security Officer of the Railway.]7


9.  Card passes to ESMs

[Sectional Card passes issued to the ESMs should be suitably endorsed permitting him to travel in the brake van/Guard’s Van.]8


10. Complimentary passes to Doctors appointed on Contract basis             

[Doctors appointed on Contract basis  may be granted one set of First Class Complimentary pass for self and family members for each year of Contract appointment,. However, the pass can be issued only after completion of three months from the date of Contract appointment.]9


11. [Railway Complimentary Card Passes to Arjuna Award Winners, Olympic Medalists , Gold Medalists of Asian & Commonwealth Games and *Dronacharya Award winners:


First Class/AC-II tier Railway Complimentary Card passes will be issued to Arjuna Award Winners, Olympic Medalists and Gold Medalists of Asian and Commonwealth Games . The pass will be available all over the Indian Railways from any station to any station, and by any train except the Rajdhani and Shatabdi Express trains and the Metro Railway, Kolkata. The pass will be available for self only, for travel in First Class/AC-II sleeper. The pass would be issued with the validity for a period of one year at a time renewable annually with a new set of photographs which will ensure that the sports persons traveling are recognizable from the photographs affixed on the Complimentary Card passes. These Card passes will be in Sky blue in colour.


The card passes will be issued by the Ministry of Railways on receipt of application from the sports persons concerned, alongwith two copies of passport size photographs to the effect that the applicant is a Arjuna Awardee/Olympic Medalist/Gold medalist of Asian Games or Commonwealth Games, duly verified by the Ministry of HRD (Dept. of Sports and Youth Affairs).]10&11


12.    Issue of First/II AC sleeper Complimentary Card passes to recipients of Gallantry Award and Widows of Winners of Gallantry Awards.

 [1st Class/ AC 2 tier Complimentary  card passes will be issued to  recipients of Gallantry Awards like Param Vir Chakra, Ashoka Ckakra, Mahavir Chakra, Kirti Chakra, Vir Chakra & Shaurya Ckakra and to the widows of posthumous Gallantry Award winners, alongwith a companion. The pass will be available for travel from any railway station to any Railway Station on the Indian Railways except on Metro Railway, Kolkata. Complimentary card passes issued to PARAM VIR CHAKRA, MAHAVIR CHAKRA AND VIR CHAKRA awardees may be made valid for travel in AC-2 tier/AC-3 tier or Rajdhani and Chair car of Shatabdi/Jan Shatabdi Express trains alongwith a companion in the same class . Passes issued to other remaining three category of awardees namely Ashoka Chakra , Kirti Chakra and Shaurya Chakra will not be valid for travel in Rajdhani & Shatabdi/ Janshatabdi trains. The pass will be issued valid for one year from the date of issue. Complimentary card passes may also be issued  as above to the  recipients of President’s Police Medal for Gallantry and Police Medal for Gallantry issued by Ministry of Home Affairs.  These passes are issued only to the recipients belonging to Police Service and not to Fire Service.


The passes will be issued by the Office of the Divisional Railway Manager and Headquarters Office of the Railways on receipt of an application, on plain paper, from the recipient of the Gallantry Award or the widow of posthumous winner of Gallantry Award, giving the details.


        In the case of widows of posthumous winners of Gallantry Award, attested copy of pension payment order should also be enclosed alongwith photo identity card, issued by Local Office of Ministry of Defense.


        Two copies of recent passport size photographs of the recipient of the such awards or the widow of posthumous awardees as the case may be attested by a Gazetted officer should be enclosed with the application.


On the death of Gallantry award winners, Ist Class/2nd AC Complimentary card pass facility should be extended to the surviving widows of all Gallantry awardees at par with the facility already available to widows of posthumous Gallantry awardees of Defense/Police Forces.


        In addition to the documents required to be submitted by the widows i.e., attested copy of PPO alongwith photo identity card, issued by local office of Min. of Defense attested copy of death certificate and certificate from a gazetted officer indicating that the widow has not remarried may be submitted to the office of Zonal Railway Hqrs. or the Office of Divisional Railway Manager from where pass will be issued.


 These passes may be revalidated/renewed on yearly basis, till further orders.]12-19


13.    Mention of age of employee/family member/dependents in Pass/PTO


        [The age of the employee/family member/dependents, who intend to travel in the pass, should be recorded to prevent fraudulent use of passes.]20


14.    Pass facilities to canteen employees.



[Railway Query



An employee who has completed 20 years of service on 1.4.90 and has opted for relaxed provision can be given.

(i)          2 set of pass and 2 PTOs till retirement, or

(ii)         They shall be treated appointed on 1.4.90 and on completion of 5 years of service be given pass as per normal entitlement

If(ii) above is relevant then will the entitlement of their pass PTO will be as per their earlier entitlement.





Yes, upto 5 years, and thereafter 3 sets of passes, 6 sets of PTOs per year, as the case may be.





If the above employees till their retirement are entitled to 2 sets of passes and PTOs then what will be their entitlement to Post Retirement Complimentary Pass and widow pass.

Minimum one set of Post Retirement Complimentary Pass, and half set of Widow Pass.


If 2 above is relevant then on surrendering of 2 sets of pass PTO what will be the entitlement for widow pass.

If column 2 is relevant then will his widow be entitled to pass after deposition of Rs.250/-.

Those who have not surrendered 2 sets of PTOs have to pay the notional cost of Rs.250/- for Widow Pass.  Entitlement under Widow Pass will be half of entitlement of Post Retirement Complimentary Pass.






Employees who have been treated as appointed as on 1.4.90, what will be the cut off date for treating the class of their pass entitlement.  Will class of entitlement of such employees be treated as if appointments on 1.4.90.  Whereas, if they are treated as appointed as on 1.4.90, provision exists for taking into account their service prior to 1.4.90 if their service falls below 20 years.

For deciding class and number of passes, the date in which canteen employees become railway servants will be the crucial date.  Only for grant of Post Retirement Complimentary Pass, service which fall short of 20 years, shall be taken from their previous service.  However, those who were getting 1stclass pass before 1.4.90 will continue to get the same.


For fixing their class of entitlement their service period rendered prior to 1.4.90 be taken into account as applicable to employees in item (I)]21



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