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Method of Calculation of Dearness Allowance and Expected DA Increase from Jan 2014

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Calculation of DA(Dearness Allowance) Rates

  • DA rates for Government employees are to be announced half yearly which will be applicable from first January and First July.
  • On implementation of Sixth Pay Commission recommendations with effect from 01.01.2006 a new method of calculation of DA (dearness allowance) rates is adopted by Central (including Railways) and State Governments.
  • DA rates are fixed on the basis of All India Consumer Price Index (AICPI) for industrial workers with Base year as 2001.

Method of Calculation

DA is calculated using the following formulae:

Dearness Allowance = (Avg of AICPI for the past 12 months - 115.76)*100/115.76

(Fractions are ignored)


The figure 115.76 signifies the average of Price Index from Jan 2005 to Dec 2005.


Example: To calculate Jan 2014 DA rate Price index average from Jan 2013 to Dec 2013 is taken.


AICPI data for Jan 2013 to Dec 2013 as per Labour Bureau, Department Statistics, Government of India website is as follows:








































 (November and December indexes are not actuals, based only on average for calculation purposes)

Dearness allowance (01.01.2013)=( 232.66-115.76)*100/115.76=100.009

DA  (after ignoring fraction)=100 %

So Rate of DA expected from 01.01.2014 is 100 %

The rate of increase will be 10% (90% to 100%).


1.     Railway Board letter No. PC-VI/2008/1/7/2/1, dated 26/04/2013 (RBE No: 38/2013)

2. All India Consumer Price Index published on Labour Bureau, Department of Statistics website


sir i have cleared ntpc

sir i have cleared ntpc graduate exam... i want to know how long wil b d trainin for ca/ta/ecrc ??? 

For TA/CA training is 2 years

For TA/CA training is 2 years and for ECRC only one month.

dear AMRITA                  


                       Q1)   I want to know what is the qualification required for TA (TRAFFIC APPRENTICE) POST,i am in chemical engineering     with 75.80 marks am i eligible?

                       Q2)What types of question pattern are there can u tell me in detail,and how many phases of exam is there is different phases have different patter or the same pattern?

                      Q3) How to prepare these exams ,can u tell me how much marks out of total u expected so that u cleared it.PLLLLLLZ give me some suggestions i love railway job.

sir i completed my graduation

sir i completed my graduation in 2013 can i apply for ALP what are the requirements selection process . which exams i have to appear .
when notification is expected for ALP ......???


For ALP, you need ITI.

For ALP, you need ITI.

Sir, am working loco workshop

Sir, am working loco workshop as fitter Gr2 can i make mutual transfer with person working in same grade but in paint shop in loco workshop?

Manual merely says same

Manual merely says same cadre. So it should be possible. In the absence of clear clarification it is left to the officers concerned.

Dear sir, i have completed 3

Dear sir,
i have completed 3 yr polytch. Diploma in CSE..
Is i m eligible to apply 12th level recruitment?
We much thankful for ur guidence

You can apply for +2 level

You can apply for +2 level posts only if you have done +2

Thank u so much sir

Thank u so much sir

Sir,     I have been

 I have been selected as SSE/Drg (Civil)GP. 4600/- through RRB/CDG. I was JE/Drg (Civil) GP. 4200/- since 6.7.1990. I was in GP. 4600/- MACP since Jul., 2011. I want to know whether I must have to complete one year training or it is not necessary as I have already passed out training as JE/Drg and 2 years service of GP 4600/- .
My second question is that I had applied with NOC from Deptt. So what type of leaves can I take during the training period. Whether child care leave can be availed during training period. My only daughter is 9 years old with 100% disability.

You can be given exemption

You can be given exemption from training only if your Department head think so. He has to take into consideration the training content and job nature.

You will be eligible for all leaves of a regualr employee. But  your traning may be extended if you take long leave. this may affect seniority.

Thanks a lot for the reply

Thanks a lot for the reply and wish you a very very happy and prosperous New Year full of laughter, peace and good health. 


   I have been selected against the panel of construction deptt. under Dy.CE/D/CAO/DLI. I want to know that the Deptt. head will be the competent authority i.e. CE/G, NR/HQ/Baroda House, NDLS or anyone else to whom I should apply for exemption of training. On 7th Jan, 2014 training of two months will be completed which is going under SSE/Drg under SR. DEN/C/UMB. So plz guide me to whom I should apply for exemtion. During this training period what will be my designation whether SSE/Drg or JE/Drg. Thanks again!



Until completion of training

Until completion of training you will be JE.

For exemption of training apply to CE. If it is beyond his pwer, he will seek permission from higher authorities.

sir on selection as TA, what

sir on selection as TA, what will be

>the salary in probation period da will be added or not

>length of probation period

>designation and salary after probation

>promotion opportunity as Ta

Thanks Plz reply its very important

Sirs,     I have been


    I have been selected as Pharmacist  by Railway recruitment Bangalore.I would like to know how much emoluments I get on starting.

Now I am studying for first year M pharmacy. Will I get extension for joining duty,that is up to the completion of my study?

Regarding Allotment on

Regarding Allotment on Compassionate grounds

Dear Sir

I am daughter of Employee of Railways who died while in the service of
railways on the Post of J.E. 1
I was trying to reach you through your contact numbers but was unable to do so.
As allotment was already reserved for me as an nominee that time on
Compassionate Grounds.
I am about to complete my B Tech-(I.T). in 2013.

So please tell me further procedure what should i do now?

I would be very thankful to you for answering me.

Thanks & Regards

final statements

final statements complete..???if yes then go to  welfare office or WPO office...& apply for JE 

according to the

according to the Compassionate grounds rules u r eligible for SE & JE POSTS

PLZ contact to DPO OFFICE of your division & start your process.

You have to contact DPO 's

You have to contact DPO 's office where your father last worked.

Sir, 1st of thank for

1st of thank for reply...
I am not geting any contact detail of DPO chakradharpur.
m very much tensed abt phone number n not even
his mail id so that i can ask my doubts.
so plz sir help me out..wat is the procedure n how days it will take ...

Plz sir guide me.......

You have to go in person to

You have to go in person to the office of  DPO chakradharpur and give a request. The process of appointment can take many months.

OK SIR ....can u tel me

OK SIR ....can u tel me approximately,how many months it will take to do all my procedure and appointment????

Railway recruitment is

Railway recruitment is normally very slow. Expect a delay of 12+ months.

Very Useful information  

Very Useful information


what will be a JE get after 2

what will be a JE get after 2 or 3 years ????


See here:  Every July 1 you will get a 3% increment on your pay. 

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