Marshalling Yard Organisation

Yard working is controlled by CYM/YM for small yards and Area Officer for bigger yards. Yard in charge will have 2 organizations under him.

  • 1. Field Staff – It includes CYM who is overall in charge, YM in each shift responsible for each shift. In dual yard system, there may be more than one YM eg. One for Down Yard, one for Up yard etc.
  • Next level of supervision is related to Shunting Engines. Each Shunting Engine may have an AYM/Shunting Master attached to it who control the movement of the Shunting Engine. 3 or 4 pointsmen for each Shunting Engine for uncoupling wagons, relaying signals, operating points etc.
  • Besides there are staff for auxiliary functions – Cabin staff, call boys, box boys, skid porters apart from staff of other departments.
  • 2. Trains Branch – Chief Trains Clerk (CTNC) has overall responsibility for Trains branch. Below TNCs will work in shifts. Duties include preparation of Marshalling Yard Statistics, maintenance of Yard Balance Register, Daily Stock taking, maintenance of Wagon Exchange registers, Stock on line position etc.

Area Control

  • Co-ordination and planning.
  • Liaison between control and yard.
  • Ascertain expected arrival of trains for next 8-12 hours. Keep AYM informed of the same.
  • To ascertain from AYM of Sorting and Departure yards of loads which can be formed in next 8-12 hours, liaison with Deputy Controller regarding planning and ordering them.
  • Keep a track of powers and to minimize detention.
  • Keep a watch on pilots and punctuality of scheduled placements and removals.

Assistant Yard Master (AYM )

  • Nomination of reception lines. Ensure that the trains are not detained for want of lines.
  • Quick release of incoming Train Engine.
  • Deciding priority of loads for humping in consultation with Departure Yard AYM and Section Controller.
  • Ensure smooth humping.
  • Planning outgoing trains and forming loads.
  • Maintain Floating Balance Register.
  • Monitor start of outgoing trains. Activities like Train examination, number taking, attaching outgoing loco, attaching of outgoing loco, attendance of train crew, line boxes, obtain Line Clear etc.
  • Forming section trains in geographical order of stations.

Chief Yard Master (CYM)

  • Co-ordinates between various departments to fulfill objectives of yards.
  • Regular review of procedures and method of working adopted in the yard with a view to improve.
  • A critical analysis of Shunting engine programs with a view for economy and productivity.
  • Regular review of pattern of traffic to examine if any revision of marshalling order or nay change in nomination of sorting lines are needed.
  • A detailed analysis of late starts and co-ordination meetings with various department supervisors for improving percentage of right time starts.
  • Analysis of cause for detention to trains short of yard for no room in the yard. Take necessary steps to minimize the same or suggesting suitable steps.
  • Scrutinize line occupations charts.
  • Scrutinize yard layout, suggest modification/remodeling if any.
  • Daily planning and review of yard work in consultation with control.
  • Man-management.
  • Number taking Staff

Functions include

  • Number taking of incoming trains and outgoing trains
  • Preparation of VG
  • Maintaining of requisite yard statistics, various registers
  • Submitting necessary returns regarding yard statistics, including average detention to wagons in yard.
  • Stock taking of yard by check of wagons linewise
  • Maintaining Cardex system for wagons dealt in the yard.
  • Tracing missing wagons, overdue wagons.
  • Efforts to connect unconnected wagons.
  • List of wagons detained in the yard for over 48 hours/24 hours in case of special wagons.