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List of allowances hiked after D.A. crosses 50%

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The following allowances will be increased by 25% as DA increased to 51%.

1.       Children Education Assistance & Reimbursement of Tution Fee

From Rs 12000 to Rs.15000(Per child per year)

2.       Advances for purchase of Bicycle Advance, Warm clothing Advance, Festival Advance, Natural Calamity Advance

Rs.3,000 - Rs.3,750

3.       Special Compensatory Hill Area Allowance

Rs.600 / Rs.480    -  Rs.750 / Rs.600

4.       Special CompensatoryScheduled / Tribal Area Allowance

Rs.400 / Rs.240- Rs.500 / Rs.300

5.       Project Allowance

Rs.1,500 / Rs.1,000 - Rs.1,875 / Rs.1,250

6.       Special Compensatory (Remote Locality) Allowance

Rs.2,600 / Rs.2,100/ Rs.1,500 / Rs.400 -- Rs.3,250 / Rs.2,625/ Rs.1,875 / Rs.500

7.       Cycle Maintenance Allowance

Rs.60 (Per month) - Rs.75 (Per month)

8.       Mileage for road journey all components of daily allowance on tour, rate of transportation of personal effects.

Rs.500 / Rs.300 / Rs.200 / Rs.150 / Rs.100 - Rs.625 / Rs.375 / Rs.250 / Rs.190 / Rs.125

9.       Rates of Conveyance Allowance under SR-25

Rs.370 / Rs.480 / Rs.640 / Rs.750 / Rs.850 - Rs.470 / Rs.600 / Rs.800 / Rs.940 / Rs.1,070

10.    Washing Allowance

Rs.60 - Rs.75

11.   Split Duty Allowance

Rs.200 - Rs.250

12.   Spl. Allowance for Child Care for Women with Disabilities and Education Allowance for disabled children

Rs.1,000 per month-  Rs.1,250 per month

13.   Cash Handling Allowance

Rs.600 / Rs.500 / Rs.400 / Rs.300 / Rs.150 -  Rs.750 / Rs.625 / Rs.500 / Rs.375 / Rs.190

14.   Risk Allowance

15.   Postgraduate Allowance

Rs.1,000 / Rs.600- Rs.1,250 / Rs.750

16.    Desk Allowance

Rs.600 -   Rs.750

17.   Bad Climate Allowance

Rs.400 / Rs.240 -  Rs.500 / Rs.300



Hi i'm kumar and i'm working

Hi i'm kumar and i'm working as an assistant loco pilot. I want to know whether kilometre allowance is increased by 25% bcoz da crossed 100%. Thanks in advance

From which date/ year

From which date/ year Children Education Assistance & Reimbursement of Tution Fee has been increased from 12,000 to 15,000

From 01.01.2011

From 01.01.2011

Sir,Kindly let me know about

Sir,Kindly let me know about the priority if any given to or any rule existing for the ex-service men for transfer from one division to other division in southern railway for JEs.

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